Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4295

Charlie wade’s words caused Flynn Shanhai and Flynn Xuebin’s faces to turn pale.

        They had long guessed that Flynn Hao Yang had probably caused a great deal of trouble, but they had limited knowledge and could not find out in a short time what Flynn Hao Yang had done that was so outrageous.

        Hearing Charlie wade’s angry rebuke, it seemed that Flynn Hao Yang still had quite a few fatalities on his hands, which instantly made the two of them terrified.

        Flynn Shanhai hurriedly spoke: “Mr. Wade …… Hao Yang’s affairs, I really know very little, the things you say, I have never heard of …… and… . and ……”

        Flynn Shanhai said, subconsciously glanced at his son Flynn Xuebin beside him, torn for a moment, then gave up the general, said seriously: “And …… this Hao Yang grew up not personally disciplined by me, I have not been much involved in his growth and training, it is my son Xuebin in education and training ……”

        Flynn Xuebin shuddered when he heard this, he never dreamed that the old man would still remember the revenge of the noon meal, and even now he did not forget to dump the pot on himself.

        So, he could only say with trepidation, “Mr. Wade, I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve always lacked sufficient care for Hao Yang’s upbringing, this child has been attending an aristocratic school since he was young, and has been boarding at school since he was twelve or thirteen years old, rarely coming home, and his mother has always been arrogant towards him, lacking discipline… …”

        Flynn Xuebin’s wife was also panicking and said, “Flynn Xuebin! You want to drag me down with you at a time like this?”

        Flynn Xuebin hurriedly said, “No, no, I didn’t mean that, what I meant was that …… both of us …… are really negligent with our children… …”

        Charlie wade, seeing this family shrugging off each other, sneered, “Since your Flynn family likes to pa*s the buck from generation to generation, then I’ll find another person to come over and see if he’s just as irresponsible as you are!”

        After saying that, Charlie wade looked at Wan Bajun and spoke, “Bajun, bring the man in.”

        “As you command!” Wan Bajun turned around and went out, and soon, he came with three people in stride.

        When the Flynn family got a good look at the three men, each of their expressions were extremely shocked.

        Flynn Shanhai, in particular, was so scared that his legs went weak and his body trembled, as if he was a mouse that had seen a cat.

        These three people were Garet, the old man of the Flynn family, Flynn Phoebe, the eldest Miss of the Flynn family, and Yuan Zixu, the personal bodyguard of old man Flynn!

        Although Garet had been sitting in the helicopter, his mood had already been a bit overwhelmed with excitement.

        He had finally realised why he had suddenly called himself and his granddaughter back to New York from the Indian Ocean on an emergency basis.

        It turned out that it was his own son and grandson, who had caused a big trouble and offended Charlie wade here!

        To him, this was a godsend.

        He had previously thought that there was no chance of revenge for his own son’s ouster from office and his descent into a foreign land, but to his surprise, Charlie wade had given him a chance that was within his reach.

        Therefore, at this moment, his heart was overwhelmed with excitement.

        When he saw Flynn Shanhai, his excitement was immediately replaced by a great deal of anger!

        With his eyes fixed on Flynn Shanhai, he blurted out a furious rebuke, “You beast! I have given you life and a lifetime of glory and wealth in vain! How dare you usurp my power and want my life!”

        Flynn Shanhai shivered in fear and stammered, “Dad …… Dad, you misunderstood me, Dad …… I didn’t want to usurp your power, nor did I want your life. billion dollars for medicine at once, this is indeed a huge burden for the Flynn family ……”

        “Burden?!” Garet pointed at him angrily and questioned, “The entire Flynn family was fought by me, the a*sets of the Flynn family, I earned them all! Now that I’m old, I need to spend some of the money I earned to renew my life, and you, as a son, are not happy about it?”