Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4287

To the father and son of the Flynn family, although they had only met Charlie wade once or twice, they were already extremely fearful of him.

                This was the fundamental reason why they did not dare to seek revenge on Charlie wade even after they had been mentally and physically humiliated by him, and knowing that he had kidnapped their grandson.

                However, they never thought that just because they did not dare to go to Charlie wade, it did not mean that Charlie wade did not dare to come to them.

                Flynn Shanhai was frightened and scared, and said in a hurry, “Quick! Quickly get all the bodyguards together! Make sure they are armed and ready! If that Wade dares to come, shoot me to death!!!”

                Flynn Xuejin didn’t dare to delay and said, “Yes dad, I’ll go and arrange it now!”

                Flynn Shanhai added, “Quick! Take me to the emergency shelter first!”

                For a large family like the Flynn family, all kinds of safety hazards had to be taken into account, so they had an emergency shelter built a hundred metres underground inside the manor.

                This emergency shelter can only withstand a nuclear attack, and is basically on the same level as the emergency shelter at the White House.

                As long as one can hide inside the emergency shelter and close the pa*sageway completely, even the Great Immortals cannot help the people inside.

                Moreover, it is equipped with a very powerful life support system and a large amount of supplies, so it is not a problem for a dozen people to live in it for a year.

                It was only that this emergency shelter, since its construction until now, had never really been put into use and was only maintained as a backup facility.

                The Flynn family also believed that as long as there was no World War 3, this place would not be used.

                But no one expected that this emergency shelter would be put to use today because of a young man.

                The old lady was still a bit confused and said, “Shanhai, is there a need for you to make such a fuss? Even if that Wade kid is stronger than Zhang Chuan, but our Flynn family has so many armed bodyguards, can’t we still beat him alone?”

                Flynn Shanhai couldn’t hide his nervousness, “I don’t know if so many bodyguards can help him, but I don’t dare to take any risks! You’re the one who didn’t let anyone hold you down and pour a few pounds of white wine, if you were me, you’d be scared too!”

                With that, he said unquestioningly, “Cut the crap and take me to the emergency shelter! Immediately! Immediately!”

                The old lady had no choice, so she said to her third son, Flynn Xuemin, “Xuemin, hurry up and have someone arrange to take your father to the emergency shelter.”

                At this moment, Flynn Xuebin hurriedly said, “I want to go!”

                The old lady glared at him and said with hatred, “Look at you, you’re so useless! That Wade kidnapped your son and cut off his ear! Instead of daring to avenge your son, you’ve become a shrinking violet!”

                Hearing these words, Flynn Shanhai’s expression turned ugly.

                When his wife scolded his son for being a shrinking turtle, wasn’t it the same as scolding himself as well?

                At this moment, Flynn Xuebin’s face was even more embarra*sed, and he was in a bit of a dilemma.

                At this moment, Flynn Shanhai’s butler came over in a panic and rushed in without even knocking, saying, “Master, it’s not good!”

                Flynn Shanhai shivered in fear and subconsciously asked, “What’s going on? Is the man named Wade back?”

                The housekeeper hurriedly shook his head and said, “It’s the Grand Master and Miss Phoebe who have returned!”

                As soon as Flynn Shanhai heard this, he was stunned and asked out of turn, “How did they come back? When did they come back?! Where is everyone?”

                The butler hurriedly said, “The people entered customs at JFK about 10 minutes ago, I don’t know where they are now.”