Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4283

When he thought of his grandfather having Alzheimer’s disease, Charlie wade had a few moments of emotion in his heart.

                In his impression, Grandpa was a very strong person, not only was he strong all his life, but his whole person also maintained a strong confidence and aura all the time.

                To have such a strong person get Alzheimer’s was indeed considered an inhuman torture.

                Although it won’t kill a person, it will destroy a person’s steel-like will.

                As for why the Blood Scattering Heart Pill had not cured Grandpa’s Alzheimer’s, Charlie wade was not surprised, after all, the efficacy of the Blood Scattering Heart Pill was limited, and after saving Grandpa and curing his brain haemorrhage, I was afraid that the medicinal power had almost soaked away.

                Thinking of this, he sighed gently and replied to Stephanie again, “It’s good that everything is fine, when are you planning to come back?”

                Stephanie replied, “Grandma still won’t let me go back, she wants to give me some kind of gift, so I don’t know what to do, Brother Charlie wade, it’s not appropriate for me to receive a gift from grandparents, right?”

                Charlie wade then said, “It’s fine, just take whatever they give you, there’s nothing inappropriate about it.”

                Stephanie was helpless and replied, “Alright, I’ll take it for you first.”

                Charlie wade said, “Silly girl, since it’s a meeting gift for you, just keep it yourself, why do you need to keep it for me?”

                Stephanie sent a shy expression with a text, “Grandpa gave me a mansion in Eastcliff, saying that it was for the two of us, so I should keep it first, after all, I’m your fiancee! According to his old man, when he finds you, he will let us both live in this mansion.”

                Charlie wade was helpless and shook his head and sighed while replying, “Fine, no matter what he says, just keep it for now.”

                At this time, Wan Bajun came to Charlie wade’s side and respectfully said, “Mr. Wade, Garet and Phoebe’s plane is almost here.”

                “Good!” Charlie wade smiled faintly and spoke, “The good show is finally about to begin, let’s go, to the airport!”


                At this moment.

                Ten thousand meters above the sky.

                As the plane got closer and closer to the coastline, Phoebe could already see the brightly lit city diagonally in front of the plane through the window.

                At night on the plane, big cities were extremely eye-catching, and the highly concentrated lights of thousands of homes could be seen clearly in the night sky even from hundreds of kilometres away.

                The moment she saw New York, Phoebe’s heart suddenly became a little nervous, and she pointed at the lights and asked Garet beside her, “Grandpa …… look there …… are we… . are we almost in New York?”

                Garet, who was resting his eyes with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes at once.

                He looked in the direction of Phoebe’s finger, and his whole body couldn’t help but tense up, saying offhandedly, “How long have we been flying?”

                Phoebe said, “It’s been more than ten hours.”

                “More than ten hours ……,” Garet muttered softly and said with wide eyes, “Then we have already flown over Europe long ago …… with the sea below. In the distance is a city of this size …… It looks …… like it really is New York!”

                Phoebe was a little apprehensive at once.

                She wondered, why did Charlie wade suddenly arrange for them to return to New York?

                After all, his own eldest uncle had been searching everywhere for his and his grandfather’s whereabouts, and he had also long ago given a fierce word to his grandfather that he would never be allowed to return to the United States.

                Now, Charlie wade had actually arranged for the two to return to New York, which was basically a sheep into a tiger’s mouth.

                Garet heart as panic, can not help but lower the voice said: “Mr. Wade should not be to hand us over to your uncle, right …… if that case, your uncle will never let us go …… “

                Phoebe suppressed the tension in her heart and said seriously, “Grandfather, I believe Mr. Wade is definitely not such a person!”