Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4280

                Stephanie immediately said with certainty, “Grandma, you must not be so pessimistic, I believe it won’t take long to find brother Charlie wade, and when that time comes, the two of us will come to see you together!”

                The old lady nodded and clutched Stephanie’s hand, saying very seriously, “Good child, don’t lie to grandma, when you come to Los Angeles next time, don’t go anywhere, fly over to see grandma first, okay?”

                “Okay!” Stephanie hurriedly agreed and said, “Grandma, don’t worry, I’ll land on the runway directly in front of your house, just like today!”

                The old lady then felt better and pulled her along, “Even if you’re leaving tonight, you can’t just leave at this time, your uncles and aunts are all meeting you for the first time, so you have to take some time to sit down and have a good chat, besides, these elders haven’t prepared a gift for you yet, so you have to wait until you’ve received the gift before you leave! “

                After saying that, the old lady said, “Come on, let’s go upstairs and sit in the parlour for a while!”

                Stephanie hurriedly waved her hand: “Grandma …… I really don’t want any gifts ……”

                The old lady shook her head and said, “You just go with grandma, here, listen to everything grandma arranges.”

                Seeing this, Stephanie had no choice but to agree for the time being.

                At that moment, the attending doctor quickly stepped forward and asked very respectfully, “Miss Gu(Sun), can I take the liberty of asking you what kind of medicine you gave to Master?”

                Stephanie said, “Didn’t I say that it was a blood dispersing and heart saving pill?”

                “Blood dispersing and heart saving pills?!” The attending doctor asked in astonishment, “Is it a Chinese medicine?”

                Stephanie said proudly, “Of course.”

                The attending doctor asked nervously, “Miss Gu(Sun) doesn’t know if you still have any Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill in your hand, if so, I have a favor to ask, that is, can you please give me a little bit of the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill, I want to go for a test to see what the ingredients of such a miraculous medicine are made of.”

                Stephanie shook her head and said, “Sorry, I only have that one blood dispersing and heart saving pill.”

                The attending doctor was still undeterred and pursued, “Think carefully again if there is any stock left somewhere, or if your father still has any spare Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pills in his possession, if so, I would like to work with you to try to restore the Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill!”

                To this attending doctor, his outlook today had been completely overturned by the unparalleled healing effects of the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill.

                If this medicine could be cracked and put into ma*s production, he was afraid that he would win all the Nobel prizes, and he might even be immortalized in the world.

                However, Stephanie did not give him any chance and said apologetically, “It is true that there was only that moment when the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill was available, perhaps there is still a survival in the world, but it is certainly not in my possession.”

                The doctor still wanted to pursue the question, but the old lady became a little upset and said coldly, “Why are you always chasing after Miss Gu(Sun) and asking questions instead of going to take good care of the old man?”

                The doctor was dumbfounded by the old madam’s question and quickly said respectfully, “Please don’t worry madam, I’ll go back and take care of the master …….

                The old lady didn’t say anything more, and that doctor didn’t dare to continue to pester, and hurriedly turned around and went back to the ICU ward.

                Just as the old lady took this Stephanie’s out of the door, Hong Tian Shi, who had not spoken, also hurriedly caught up, saying with a face of reverence and solicitude, “Miss Gu(Sun), poor Taoist also wants to know where that blood dispersing heart saving pills actually came from ……”