Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4273

Lord Orrin’s affairs are unknown in the rich and powerful circles of the country.

                However, although the Gu(Sun) family was large in the country, it was still somewhat above the An family.

                Therefore, the old lady didn’t even have much of an impression of Lord Orrin as a person, and naturally knew nothing about him being sick and recovering.

                However, when she saw that Stephanie was telling the truth, and that Stephanie was indeed married to her grandson, the old lady was already very fond of her, so she couldn’t help but believe her a little.

                However, at this moment, the old lady was still more or less uncertain, so she looked outside at the Heavenly Master Hong, who had been whispering with his fingers, and asked reverently, “Heavenly Master Hong, what do you think?”

                Heavenly Master Hong opened his eyes and sighed, “Supreme Taiyi Heavenly Father, Mr. An’s qi has run out, even my Daoist divine pill, the Life-Sustaining Pill, cannot save him from the fire, in my poor opinion, I am afraid that there is no more pill that can save him in this world ……”

                Hearing these words, Stephanie immediately said, “This Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill can definitely cure Old Mr. An!”

                Master Hong shook his head slightly and said seriously, “This girl, I am not going to lie to you, poor Dao has been practicing for seventy years, but I have never heard of such a miraculous elixir in this world.”

                As the saying goes, all things in this world must follow the laws of nature. As the saying goes, death is like the extinction of a lamp.

                The old lady had believed in Taoism all her life and held the four words ‘Taoist law of nature’ in high esteem. Hearing Master Hong say that the old man was about to be reborn in the Pure Land, she was hesitant.

                At that moment, An Qishan’s physical state was already on the verge of death, and it was likely that he would pa*s away in the next second.

                At this moment, An Chongqiu looked at Heavenly Master Hong and asked, “Has Heavenly Master ever heard of a rejuvenation pill that can make a person ten or twenty years younger with just one pill?”

                The so-called Spring Return Pill is just something made up in folk tales. Although all Taoists aspire to live forever in the flesh, the poor Taoist knows in his heart that there are some good hopes that can never be realized. ……”

                When An Chongqiu heard this, he said in a cold voice, “I thought that my mother had great trust in you, so you must have something outstanding, but today I realized that although you are already old, you are still sitting on your hands and watching the sky.”

                After saying that, he looked at Stephanie and spoke, “Miss Gu(Sun), how should I take this medicine?”

                Recalling what Charlie wade had explained, Stephanie hurriedly said, “Just put it directly into your mouth, this medicine is instantly melted in your mouth.”

                Saying that, she put the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill into An Chongqiu’s hand and urged, “Please make sure you are quick, otherwise it will be too late!”

                An Chongqiu nodded heavily, took three or two steps to the hospital bed, and put the pill into An Qishan’s mouth.

                If it were in the past, An Chongqiu would definitely not believe in any miracle pills.

                However, after a trip to China, he thoroughly realised how narrow-minded he had been before.

                The miraculous effects of the Spring Return Pill had completely overturned his perception of this world.

                Although An Chongqiu had seen the miraculous effects of the Spring Return Pill, he actually did not quite believe that this so-called Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill of Stephanie could have similar effects.

                However, Hong Tian Shi’s words made him realise that in this world, there were plenty of people who sat on the fence and watched the sky.

                Whether it was Hong Tian Shi who had been a monk for seventy years, or himself who had lived for fifty years.

                Therefore, at times like this, one should definitely not use one’s own experience to look at things.

                Otherwise, one would probably make the same mistake as the Hong Heavenly Master.

                It was because of this that he had decided that no matter what, he had to try this blood dispersal and heart saving pill.

                Because, this was already his father’s last hope.

                The old lady did not expect that her son would be so rude to Grandmaster Hong, but when she thought that Stephanie was her grandson’s fiancée, she felt that she should not take such a good girl at face value.