Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4272

                The old lady said, “Come on, child, grandma will take you in.”

                After saying this, she was ready to take Stephanie’s hand and walk into the ICU.

                But unexpectedly, at this moment, a doctor suddenly exclaimed, “The blood pressure and heart rate are dropping too fast! Quickly prepare the defibrillator!”

                Everyone was instantly startled by this shout, and all at once, everyone gathered around the hospital bed.

                An Qishan’s attending doctor spoke up at this time, “We can’t put on the defibrillator, in his current condition, the defibrillator will only cause him to suffer harm for nothing before he goes, his body is already at its limit ……”

                The doctor, seeing that the ECG was almost on the verge of pulling into a straight line, asked in a panic, “Director, are we really not going to resuscitate?”

                The director then looked at the old lady and said very seriously, “Madam, if we still resuscitate the old man now, we can at most delay his death for a few minutes or even a few minutes, whether it is a defibrillator or chest compressions, it will only make the old man’s death more painful in his last moments.

                The old lady nodded gently, wiped away her tears and choked up, “All of you go out, let me and the children stay with him for the rest of the day.”

                At these words, several of the An family’s sons and daughters, as well as a host of grandchildren, bowed their heads and cried bitterly.

                The director knew that the old lady had already made up her mind and nodded slightly with great understanding, giving a wink to the few medical staff around her, then said to the old lady, “Madam, we will go out first, if you need anything you can call us at any time.”

                Seeing that the old man was nearing the end of his life, Stephanie hurriedly said at this time, “Grandma, I …… have a medicine …… that might be able to save Grandpa’s life… …”

                The old lady gave a bitter smile and said gratefully, “Good child, thank you, your grandfather really can’t pa*s this hurdle this time, no medicine can possibly save him, let him go quietly.”

                Saying that, she added very seriously, “Good child, you are Charlie’s fiancée, in my eyes you are my own family, if you are not afraid, stay here with grandma.”

                Stephanie hurriedly took out the Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill that Charlie wade had given her and said very eagerly, “Grandma, this medicine is the Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill, my father got it by chance, at that time he was suffering from advanced pancreatic cancer, he was completely cured after taking only one of these pills, there was still this last one left, he let me take it with me just in case, this medicine is really very effective, you Just let Grandpa try it!”

                “Blood dispersing and heart saving pills?” When the An family heard this, they couldn’t help but look at each other in disbelief.

                In fact, apart from the old lady and An Chongqiu, the rest of the An family did not believe in any magic pills.

                Just now, when Grandmaster Hong took out the Life Renewing Pill that he had treasured for many years, everyone had witnessed with their own eyes that this kind of elixir really had little effect, so at this time when Stephanie took out the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill, everyone naturally instinctively thought that this thing, like the Life Renewing Pill just now, would not have any substantial effect.

                So, seeing that An Qishan’s breathing had become extremely weak and the heaving of his chest was barely visible, the old lady cried out in pain and politely declined, “My child, you should keep this medicine for yourself, in your grandfather’s condition, no medicine will help, let him go quietly.”

                Stephanie said anxiously, “Grandma, this medicine is really different from ordinary medicine, my father was treated in the United States for pancreatic cancer, and he used all the high-end medical treatments in the United States to no avail.

                If you don’t believe me, you can always search the internet for news about my father. His name is Gu(Sun) Orrin!”