Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4267

An Youyou took An Chongqiu with her and flew all the way to the An family’s medical centre.

                This medical centre is not only staffed by top experts from several departments, but is even equipped with several ICU intensive care units, maternity wards and operating theatres.

                The hardware facilities here are fully capable of handling even the most complex organ transplant operations in the world.

                At this moment, the An family’s oldest son, An Qishan, was lying in the largest ICU ward of the medical centre.

                His body is plugged with all kinds of equipment and tubes, and his entire face is covered in an oxygen mask, barely maintaining his faint breath on a ventilator.

                His companion, Charlie wade’s grandmother, was sitting beside him, her hands gently rubbing his right hand, her tears already breaking.

                A few doctors kept at his heels, but there was nothing more they could do now.

                In their eyes, An Qishan’s life was still coming to an end, just like the wick that had burned the last drop of oil, the flame was so small that it was almost invisible, and at the same time it was still shrinking irregularly, as if it might go out at any moment.

                It was not that they did not want to intervene, but in such a situation, even a little bit of breathing might blow out the last flame, so the best way to deal with it was not to interfere with it and let it burn the last few drops of oil left in the wick.

                The rest of the An family’s children and grandchildren were all staying in the lounge outside the ICU.

                Charlie wade’s second and third uncles were sitting side by side on a combination sofa, in addition to an old man with white hair and beard, who was sitting opposite them, chanting something with one hand.

                The rest of the An family’s grandchildren and women were sitting on the benches on either side of the sofa, looking sad.

                When An Youyou and An Chongqiu darted in, everyone stood up immediately.

                An Kai Feng rushed over with red eyes, grabbed An Chong Qiu’s arm and choked up, “Big brother …… you’re finally back ……”

                An Zhaonan also couldn’t help but sniffle and said in a trembling voice, “Big brother, dad has been in a coma and hasn’t woken up yet, mum is inside with him, you should go check it out quickly.”

                An Chongqiu nodded heavily and spoke in a very firm tone, “Don’t be too pessimistic yet, Dad has been through all kinds of big storms in his life, such a small problem is nothing to him, he will definitely be able to pull through.”

                Everyone nodded their heads, but their expressions did not show any confidence.

                When An Chongqiu saw that everyone was dead, he himself was a bit panicked, so he hurriedly said, “You guys wait outside first, I’ll go in and check on Dad!”

                After saying that, he pushed the door alone and went in.

                When the old lady saw him come in, her emotions got the better of her and she said in tears, “Chongqiu, …… Chongqiu …… your father can’t seem to hold on anymore. …Mom what should I do ah Chongqiu ……”

                As she spoke, the old lady’s body was already a little shaky and nearly tipped to one side.

                An Chongqiu hurriedly went forward and held her up with both hands, forcing down the urge to cry and choked out, “Mom …… is fine, Dad will be fine …… he is just too tired lately and needs a good rest, maybe Maybe he’ll wake up in a little while ……”

                The old lady kept slowly shaking her head and looked at An Qishan on the hospital bed, her eyes full of sorrow and despair.

                She was also a highly educated person who had been through the radical changes in the world in the past decades, how could she not be aware of her husband’s current situation.

                She took her husband’s hand in one hand and her eldest son An Chongqiu’s hand in the other and murmured softly, “Your father ah …… is missing your sister too much …… this time… Even the strongest body can’t hold up after such a torment ……”

                Hearing these words, An Chongqiu could no longer control his emotions and cried out in silent pain alone.

                At this time, the old lady looked up at An Chongqiu and said seriously, “Chongqiu ah …… If your father cannot survive this hurdle, you should go to Eastcliff and go to the Wade family ……”

                An Chongqiu was surprised and asked, “Mom …… you are ……”

                The old lady continued, “You go to the Wade family to apologize to your brother-in-law’s father and find a way to beg him to agree to let you move your sister back from the Wade family’s ancestral tomb, I want her to come back to stay with your father ……”

                “This ……” An Chongqiu hurriedly said, “Mom …… things haven’t come to that yet, you shouldn’t think about these things so early ……”