Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4256

                Then, feeling the wine growing stronger, he dared not delay any longer and hastily poured another last gla*s before he pa*sed out, tilting his head and drinking it all down.

                After the last gla*s of wine was finished, Flynn Xuebin’s entire stomach was already on fire. With four gla*ses of white wine down, his entire body was already on the verge of collapse, and when he saw that his task was completed, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

                Seeing that both father and son had pa*sed out, Charlie wade stood up and said to Stephanie, “Stephanie, it’s not appetizing to eat while guarding two drunks, so why don’t we go somewhere else?”

                Stephanie spat out her tongue and said, “Yes, brother Charlie wade, I’m getting drunk just smelling the wine, if I stay any longer I’m afraid I’ll get a headache ……”

                Charlie wade laughed, “Then let’s hurry up and go.”

                Zhang Chuan, who was on the side, saw that Charlie wade wanted to leave and quickly asked nervously, “Senior …… you …… when will you be able to restore my cultivation …… “

                Charlie wade said indifferently, “After we leave, you tell someone to send them both to have their stomachs pumped, as for you, just come back and kneel again until I come back! If the two of them wake up and come looking for you, just tell them that I’m coming back tonight, so they can be ready to meet!”

                Zhang Chuan wanted to cry and said, “Senior …… I am now without cultivation, once the Flynn family father and son wake up, they will definitely look for me to ask for punishment …… then I do not have the power to defend myself, I am afraid I will not be able to last until you come back ……”

                Charlie wade said in a cold voice: “You tell them that no one can make things difficult for you before I come back, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences!”

                After saying that, Charlie wade added: “As for your cultivation, wait patiently, when the person who disposed of you arrives, I will decide whether to restore it for you depending on the disposition.”

                Hearing this, Zhang Chuan could only nod helplessly.

                Without another word, Charlie wade stood up, took Stephanie with him, and walked out of the restaurant brightly.

                When the maids and bodyguards of the Flynn family saw the two coming out, no one dared to stop them.

                Because they all knew that Stephanie was a big star and a guest invited by the Flynn family, no one dared to stop the guest if he wanted to leave.

                However, many people were also curious as to why there was no movement inside.

                It was only logical that when the guests left, at least one of the lord and young master should come out to see them off and make a few courtesies.

                Just as someone wanted to go inside to see what was going on, Zhang Chuan came out and spoke to the crowd, “The old master and the youngest master have had too much to drink, send them to the medical department to have their stomachs pumped!”

                The large Flynn family estate also had an extremely high standard medical department, which was staffed with a number of top doctors and nurses 7X24, just like a mini hospital, specialising in the health of the Flynn family.

                When the servants and bodyguards heard that Flynn Shanhai and Flynn Xuebin had drunk too much, they were a little surprised at first, but when they thought that Zhang Chuan, as a top expert, could not have lied to everyone, they did not suspect anything.

                They rushed in and took the drunk and unconscious father and son to the medical department.

                While the father and son were being taken to the medical department, Charlie wade also led Stephanie out of the Flynn family manor.

                After getting back into the car, Stephanie asked Charlie wade, “Brother Charlie wade, where are we going to eat?”

                Without thinking, Charlie wade said, “Let’s go to Chinatown, let’s go to Uncle Zhong for roast goose!”