Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4253

The Flynn family had the heart to die at this moment.

                Their drinking capacity was indeed average, and when they thought of having to drink three gla*ses in a row, they already wanted to buckle their throats and vomit before they could drink.

                However, Charlie wade did not give them any room for manoeuvre.

                He glared at Flynn Xuebin and said coldly, “What are you waiting for? Why don’t you open the wine quickly? Do you want me to pour the wine for you?”

                Gritting his back teeth, Flynn Xuebin stepped forward in a panic and, with a trembling hand, opened one of the bottles of Maotai wine.

                Charlie wade placed the two gla*ses side by side and spoke, “Here, fill up these two gla*ses first!”

                Flynn Xuebin could only obey and do as he was told, pouring the two gla*ses full of white wine.

                After the wine was poured, Charlie wade made an inviting gesture and said to the father and son, “Come, let’s drink the first cup first.”

                Flynn Shanhai looked at the transparent white wine, scared liver and guts, said in a trembling voice: “Young warrior …… I …… have high blood pressure …… my blood sugar has also been a bit on the high side …… The doctor has repeatedly advised me not to drink …… I must not drink …… You have such a large gla*s, this is… . this is to kill me ……”

                Charlie wade waved his hand: “Don’t listen to those doctors talking nonsense to you, as the saying goes, wine is grain essence, the more you drink the younger you are, look at your 70s you don’t look young at all, at a glance it’s because you don’t drink much wine, come on, drink this cup first!”

                Flynn Shanhai cried and said, “Young warrior …… I …… can’t really drink it ……”

                Charlie wade’s expression was austere as he asked in a cold voice, “What? Gave you a face, didn’t you?”

                After saying that, he pointed at Zhang Chuan who was kneeling beside him and asked in a cold voice: “Believe it or not, I will let him pinch your mouth now and directly pour three bottles into you?”

                Without thinking, Zhang Chuan said, “Senior! As long as you can restore my cultivation, I am willing to do whatever you ask me to do!”

                When Flynn Shanhai heard this, his neck immediately shrank in fear.

                Looking at that tail-wagging look on Zhang Chuan’s face, he knew that Zhang Chuan was definitely not joking.

                If Charlie wade really nodded his head, this guy might really rush over and pour white wine into his mouth ……

                If you have three bottles, that’s six pounds, six pounds of wine, you’ll almost be cold here ……

                At this time, Charlie wade added: “Now that this situation has come to a head, you two should not expect anyone to save you, the closest person to you two now is me, as long as you are not honest, or do not follow my orders, I will have to kill you both!”

                Seeing Charlie wade’s murderous look, Flynn Shanhai could only say in pain, “Young warrior, I’ll drink! Can’t I drink it? ……”

                After saying that, he grabbed the wine cup with a trembling hand and brought it to his mouth shivering.

                At this time, Flynn Xuebin on the side was not ready for mental construction.

                The more he silently rehearsed in his mind, the more scared he became instead.

                Charlie wade came at this time, “You two, whoever finishes this gla*s last will be rewarded with another gla*s.”

               When Flynn Xuebin heard this, he almost reflexively grabbed another cup and started to pour it into his stomach.

                But when he thought that he would be rewarded with another cup if he drank slowly, he had to take another big sip before he could throw up.

                This method of fighting poison with poison was really effective, and after two big sips Flynn Xuebin had already lost most of the white wine in his gla*s.

                In his opinion, as long as he clenched his teeth and held on a little longer, he would be able to finish the gla*s in one go.

                However, at this time, Flynn Shanhai was still holding his gla*s of wine beside him, not daring to put his mouth down.

                He didn’t dare to do so, but his son was so quick to do so!