Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4251

Flynn Shanhai was so fierce by Charlie wade that he couldn’t help but shiver.

                Even when he was young, he had never been so fierce by Garet, but how could he have imagined that he would now be fierce like a grandson by a young man fifty years younger than himself.

                At this moment, he really repented in his heart.

                “D*mn it! If I had known that this kid was so difficult to deal with, I shouldn’t have left Zhang Chuan alone here to deal with him, I would have gotten dozens of bodyguards to shoot him in the head.

                “But it’s all over now, this wolf has already been brought in, and he’s also sharing a room with my father and son, even if we call for backup at this point, I’m afraid we’ll both die here first before the backup people arrive ……”

                When he thought of this, he could not wait to slap himself a few times.

                I thought I could get Stephanie by using a few tricks, but I never thought I would get into trouble!

                Who would have thought that a mere young man like Zhang Chuan would not be able to deal with a five-star martial artist!

                If he had a second chance, he wouldn’t have met Charlie wade directly, even if he had asked his son to do so, it would have been better than being humiliated himself!

                “Ai, the mistake was that both my son and I were too gullible and gave the other side a chance to attack the Yellow Dragon directly.

                Just as Flynn Shanhai was feeling remorseful, Charlie wade shouted angrily, “What are you waiting for? Do you have a problem with telling you to pick up the chopsticks?”

                Seeing Charlie wade’s anger, although Flynn Shanhai was indignant in his heart, he did not dare to hesitate in his hands, and hastily picked up the chopsticks again, saying humbly, “Sorry, sorry, I am old, my hands and feet are not too sharp, please forgive me ……”

                Only then was Charlie wade satisfied, and seeing that the servant had sent two two-calibre bottles of Maotai wine, he said to that servant, “Such wine, bring ten more bottles over.”

                After hearing this, the servant was stunned and said offhandedly, “This is a two catty bottle of ah ……”

                Charlie wade waved his hand: “Let you take it, where so words?”

                Flynn Shanhai heard the liver tremble, but how dare to disobey, quickly waved his hand and said, “Quickly go quickly go!”

                The servant didn’t dare to say anything, so he turned around and went down, and in a short while, he brought ten bottles of white wine with a few servants.

                Charlie wade sent the servants away before he looked at the Flynn family, and said indifferently, “Come on, tell us, what do you want by inviting us over here for nothing?”

                Flynn Shanhai cursed in his heart, “I invited Stephanie, who the hell invited you?”

                But he did not dare to say this, he could only say honestly: “Young warrior, we invited you and Miss Gu(Sun) to come here, mainly to ask about the situation of my grandson Hao Yang who was kidnapped that day …… but now there is no need to know …… “

                Flynn Shanhai was not a fool.