Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4244

                Stephanie then said delicately, “Brother Charlie wade, I want to trouble you a little bit, accompany me to the Flynn family, I don’t know if it’s convenient for you …… If it’s not convenient, I’ll just announce that there’s a problem with the venue, the first concert will be shelved for the time being, and the later concerts will be opened first and then finally come back to New York The same goes for the make-up opening.”

                Charlie wade laughed, “Then won’t your fans in New York be disappointed?”

                Stephanie said helplessly, “There’s nothing I can do about it, but I’m sure they’ll understand.”

                Charlie wade then said, “Forget it, I can’t let you take tens of thousands of fans down, it’s just going to Flynn’s house for a meal, it just so happens that I’m next to Flynn’s house right now, you tell Duo Duo to tell them that you’re going over at noon, I’ll eh send you an address later, pick me up when you come, I’ll go over with you.”

                When Stephanie heard this, she immediately asked in surprise, “Really, Brother Charlie wade? You won’t give you any trouble if you accompany me, right?”

                “No.” Charlie wade smiled, “I’m going to meet with Flynn’s family soon anyway, so I’ll take this opportunity to meet them first at noon today.”

                Stephanie hurriedly said, “That’s good! Then I’ll let Duo communicate here, and if a time is confirmed, I’ll go pick you up and go there with me!”


                Chen Duoduo was relieved to learn that Charlie wade was willing to accompany Stephanie to the Flynn family.

                If Stephanie had gone alone, she would not have dared to agree to it even if she was beaten to death.

                But since Charlie wade was willing to accompany Stephanie, she had nothing to worry about.

                In her opinion, Charlie wade must have the strength to deal with the entire Flynn family, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to kidnap Flynn Hao Yang directly.

                With that, she gave Flynn Xuebin a call and said to him, “Mr. Flynn, Miss Gu(Sun) is available at noon, I wonder if it’s convenient for you?”

                As soon as Flynn Xuebin heard this, he knew that his tactics had worked and immediately said, “Convenient, of course it’s convenient! If Miss Gu(Sun) comes over at noon, I’ll have the back kitchen prepare a sumptuous family feast and await Miss Gu(Sun)’s presence!”

                Chen Duo Duo was disgusted, but said nonchalantly, “In that case, then it’s a deal, Miss Gu(Sun) will go straight there when she’s done.”

                Flynn Xuebin said, “Miss Chen, why don’t you give me an address and I’ll send a caravan to pick up Miss Gu(Sun).”

                “That’s not necessary.” Chen Duoduo said indifferently, “Miss Gu(Sun) has a car, so she can go directly to your Flynn family’s estate in Long Beach later.”

                Flynn Xuebin smiled and didn’t insist, so he said with a smile, “Okay, since Miss Gu(Sun) insists, I’ll be waiting at home!”

                Chen Duo Duo said impatiently, “That’s it then, hang up first.”

                Flynn Xuebin put down his phone and said to Flynn Shanhai in front of him, “Dad, that girl surnamed Gu(Sun) has promised to come over and will arrive at noon.”

                Flynn Shanhai nodded in satisfaction and said in a cold voice, “This girl must have clues related to Hao Yang, let’s see if we can get it out of her later!”

                Flynn Xuebin said with some concern, “Dad, this girl is indeed a very famous public figure, if she deliberately pretends to be confused with us, it’s not too good for us to take action against her!”

                “A public figure?” Flynn Shanhai sneered disdainfully and said coldly, “A public figure is nothing in my eyes! If we do find out something from her, I don’t care if she’s a public figure, if she doesn’t give an honest account of everything she knows, she won’t leave the door of the Flynn family!”