Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4243

Twenty minutes later, Flynn Garet, Flynn Phoebe and Yuan Zixu arrived on deck with their carry-on luggage.

                By now, the sky over the sea had darkened, leaving only a hint of dim light from the western skyline.

                On top of the deck, Xion had been waiting here for ten minutes.

                When Flynn Garet saw Xion, he said very politely, “Miss Banks, it’s hard for you to accompany us on another trip ……”

                Xion smiled slightly and said, “Mr. Flynn, there is no need to be polite, as long as it is something Mr. Wade asks me to do, I will do my best.”

                After saying that, she looked at the time and spoke, “Old Mr. Flynn, the helicopter will be here soon, we are now about two hundred kilometres away from Colombo, the flight time is about one hour.”

                Flynn Garet nodded gently.

                Although he wanted to ask why Charlie wade had suddenly arranged for himself and his granddaughter to go to Colombo, he wanted to ask what his next arrangement was once he arrived in Colombo.

                But after a moment’s thought, he decided to follow Charlie wade’s arrangements.

                As he came, so be it.

                Soon, a heavy helicopter came in at great speed against the sea. The aircraft began to slow down as it approached the cargo ship, and then it descended directly above the deck.

                As soon as the helicopter stopped on the deck, the hatch was immediately opened and several loaded and armed soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace descended from the ship and came to Xion in three or two steps. The man at the head said respectfully, “Miss Banks, we have been ordered by the Palace Master to pick you and several others up and take them to Colombo.

                Xion nodded and said to Flynn Garet, “Old Mr. Flynn, please go ahead.”

                Flynn Garet did not hesitate and boarded the plane with the help of a few people.

                Once everyone had boarded, the heavy helicopter immediately roared up and flew off in the direction of Sri Lanka.


                Meanwhile, New York, USA.

                After finishing her morning rehearsal, Stephanie called Charlie wade.

                As soon as the call came through, she asked Charlie wade, “Brother Charlie wade, have you arrived in New York yet?”

                “I’ve arrived.” Charlie wade smiled, “What’s wrong, looking for me for something?”

                Stephanie said aggressively, “Brother Charlie wade, someone is bullying me, you have to do something for me!”

                Charlie wade asked, “Who is bullying you?”

                Stephanie puffed up and said, “It’s that Flynn Xuebin! A company owned by their family paid a high price for the venue where my concert was to be held soon, and then suddenly said that the venue had to be renovated, forcing me to postpone the concert or change the venue, our stage was almost set up, the sound and choreography equipment were all in, it was definitely too late to change the venue …… “

                Charlie wade frowned: “This B*****d is doing it on purpose! What exactly is the purpose of him doing this?”

                Stephanie said, “He called Duo Duo and said he wanted to invite me to dinner at his home. I think they must have bad intentions, maybe they suspect that Flynn Hao Yang’s disappearance has something to do with me and want to get some information from me ……”

                Charlie wade asked with some anger, “What? Does he mean that if you don’t accept their invitation, the show will definitely have to be postponed?”

                “Yes!” The first time I went to a concert, I had to change the time of one concert, and all the other concerts. “

                Charlie wade asked her, “Then what do you plan to do?”