Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4240

              After saying that, he turned to Wan Bajun and said, “Bajun, you can arrange the rest, I will come back to talk to them in two hours!”

                Wan Bajun immediately nodded and said, “Okay Mr. Wade, my subordinates will make the arrangements!”

                Charlie wade didn’t say anything more and stepped out of the basement.


                Two hours later.

                When Charlie wade returned to the basement, both Qiao Feiyun and Flynn Hao Yang had turned into walking corpses.

                The immense pain and humiliation had completely disintegrated the will of both of them.

                At this moment, none of the two men had any regrets in their hearts.

                It was at this moment that they truly began to feel remorse for what they had done before.

                If they had been sentenced to life imprisonment, they would not have felt any real regret.

                Only by letting them experience the pain they had once inflicted on innocent people for no good reason could they truly realise what kind of brutes they really were.

                Seeing Charlie wade step in, Qiao Feiyun, who had already completely calmed down, suddenly howled.

                He struggled to crawl towards Charlie wade, but his body had long since lost any breath after the severe pain, and he could only squirm on the floor like a maggot, wailing under his breath, “Mr. Wade …… I’ll tell you everything ……, please You give me a pain ……”

                Charlie wade asked him, “What? Now you know you’re wrong?”

                “I know …… know ……,” Qiao Feiyun cried, “I’m guilty, I deserve to die… …I’m really sorry for all the innocent girls I’ve killed …… I don’t ask for anything, I only ask that you give me a chance to pay for their lives ……”

                The past two hours had been ten thousand times more horrifying to Qiao Feiyun than purgatory on earth.

                At this time, he had already given up his desire for survival deep down in his heart at the thought that he might have to endure such extreme torture in the future.

                Right now, he only wanted to die quickly, and the more painful his death was, the better.

                Seeing that this man was already as humble as a maggot, Charlie wade could not show him the slightest bit of pity.

                Charlie wade had never been a saintly mother, in his view, if a person had made a mistake, he had to pay the corresponding price for the mistake, this was the true fairness and justice.

                If he did not let such people fall into complete despair, how could he face up to those innocent girls who had been tortured to despair by them?

                At this moment, Charlie wade looked at Qiao Feiyun with cold eyes and said indifferently, “I can give you a chance, but only once, you must hand over all the evidence you have to me, without the slightest concealment, and as long as you cooperate honestly, from now until the day you die, I will give you the last humane treatment.”