Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4234

               The next morning, Stephanie woke up early to wash and pack, ready to go to the dance centre to continue rehearsals.

                As Charlie wade had not come to New York yesterday, she had been a little worried in her heart, so she took the initiative to send a message to Charlie wade asking if he planned to come to New York today.

                Charlie wade had originally planned to go there today and find a way to get Flynn Hao Yang and Qiao Flynn Yun to talk and tell him all about the hookups the two of them had done, and then find a way to fix the evidence.

                As long as he got the evidence, the rest of the matter would be solved.

                In order to keep his wife Claire from getting suspicious, he used the excuse of helping Stephanie adjust her feng shui and planned to take a helicopter to New York directly after she left for school.

                Therefore, when he received Stephanie’s text message, he replied directly, “I’ll be there later, but I have something to sort out first.”

                Stephanie then said, “Brother Charlie wade, I have to rehearse at the dance centre today, so if you’re not in a hurry to go back, let’s have dinner together tonight.”

                Charlie wade readily agreed to do so.

                Seeing Charlie wade’s promise, Stephanie was naturally happy and hurriedly arranged a time with him, so she hung up the phone beautifully and prepared to go out.

                At that moment, Chen Duoduo ran over in a panic and said, “Stephanie, it’s not good! The venue has sent out a notice saying that the venue has to be upgraded for maintenance and the time required cannot be determined, so the performance will be postponed indefinitely!”

                “What?!” Stephanie was shocked and asked out of the blue, “How could this happen? Haven’t we already signed a contract with them and paid a 50% deposit in advance? What was signed in black and white, aren’t they afraid of breaking the contract?”

                Chen Duoduo said helplessly, “They said that they would give us ten times the compensation according to the contract ……”

                Stephanie was even more surprised after hearing this and quickly asked, “What the hell is going on here?! I’ve had so many concerts, it’s the first time I’ve encountered a venue party taking the initiative to breach the contract ……”

                Chen Duo Duo explained, “I heard that the venue just changed ownership this morning, the whole venue along with all the hardware, all the contracts, debts, receivables etc etc, all were transferred to the new buyer, our contract naturally also transferred to the new buyer, this new buyer is clearly not bad money, directly put ten times the breach of contract on our account! “

                After hearing this, Stephanie’s expression suddenly became grave, she seriously analysed, “Ten times the compensation is definitely not a small amount, no one in business would make such a decision, because by doing so, he has no profit to speak of at all, unless he doesn’t care about profit in his eyes!”

                Chen Duo Duo was busy asking, “You mean that someone is deliberately screwing us?”

                Stephanie nodded and said without thinking, “I reckon this is done by Flynn’s family, don’t worry yet, wait for Fei’s family to contact you!”

                Chen Duo Duo asked, “Stephanie, what if that Flynn Xuebin uses this as blackmail and insists that you go to the Flynn family? They’re definitely going to look for you to go and ask for punishment!”

                After thinking about it, Stephanie said, “If he dares to open his mouth, I’ll go beg Brother Charlie wade to accompany me, anyway, Brother Charlie wade will come to New York in a while! As long as Brother Charlie wade is here, I’m not afraid of anything! I don’t believe that anyone can bully me in front of brother Charlie wade!”