Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4227

“Song Peng?”

                Flynn Shanhai asked with some surprise, “Who is Song Peng?”

                The butler hurriedly explained, “Song Peng is one of the supervisors of our business team, you said yesterday that you wanted to purchase a Concorde, and he was one of those responsible for pulling the strings.”

                Flynn Shanhai frowned and asked, “What leads does he have to report to me? If the Concorde was done, he would have just asked the person in charge of the purchase to negotiate the price, there was no need to report to me in person.”

                The butler shook his head and said, “Master, Song Peng said it was a clue related to Young Master Hao Yang!”

                “Oh?!” When Flynn Shanhai heard this, he immediately raised his eyebrows and said offhandedly, “Where is he? Get him over here!”

                The butler busily said, “Right at the door, I’ll bring him in now!”

                A few moments later, Song Peng, who was in charge of business, trotted into the study.

                As soon as he saw Flynn Shanhai and Flynn Xuebin, he hurriedly bowed and said, “Master and Young Master, my name is Song Peng, I am the business team ……”

                Flynn Shanhai directly interrupted him and questioned in a cold voice, “I heard that you have clues about Hao Yang, tell us quickly!”

                Song Peng hurriedly said, “Master, there is a maid beside the young master, I think she seems to be a bit suspicious!”

                Flynn Shanhai furrowed his brows and questioned, “What’s going on?”

                Song Peng explained, “It’s like this, last night you instructed us to find Concorde, so I rushed to communicate with a family over in France, and I just happened to meet Wang Yuanyuan, then I made an appointment with her about going to Las Vegas for the weekend, at that time she specifically asked me what I was busy with on the phone at such a late hour, I said I was helping you to buy Concorde, then she asked me what Concorde was What ……”

                At this point, Song Peng hurriedly slapped himself and said nervously, “Master, it’s all my fault for not having a mouth on me! I thought that she was also a subordinate of the Flynn family, so my sense of secrecy was suddenly raised, so I blurted out that you had sent someone to Japan, but the ordinary plane took too long, so I had to buy a Concorde. …… But don’t worry, I definitely did not say that you had sent anyone to Japan, let alone what you had sent someone to do in Japan. ……”

                Flynn Shanhai yelled impatiently, “Get to the point!”

                Song Peng shivered in fear and said hurriedly, “The point …… is that Wang Yuanyuan, she couldn’t possibly know what you sent people to Japan for, but she asked me at the time if you sent people to Japan I felt something was wrong at that time, but I couldn’t say which was wrong, until I heard just now that something had happened to the people you sent to Japan and saw the video released by the Japanese Iga ninja, then I suddenly remembered what was wrong!”

                Saying that, Song Peng continued with great certainty, “Master, she, Wang Yuanyuan, is just a servant, and she was still coming in from outside at that time, so how could she possibly know about the ninja? Therefore, I conclude that she must be deliberately testing me and trying to get information from me! There must be something wrong with this woman! Maybe she has something to do with the kidnapping of Young Master Ho-yeung!”

                When he heard this, Flynn Shanhai’s veins burst out and he yelled, “It’s hard to guard against a thief at home!”

                After saying that, he stared at the butler and roared, “Go and bring that Wang Yuanyuan to me!”


                At this moment, Wang Yuanyuan was serving beside Flynn Hao Yang’s mother.

                However, today, she had been a little distracted.

                The reason for her distraction was because her sweetheart, the famous young master Qiao Feiyun Qiao of Seattle, had evaporated since she had sent him a message last night.

                She went to the villa where Qiao Feiyun lived, but Qiao Feiyun was nowhere to be found. She then called and texted Qiao Feiyun again and again, but the phone kept indicating that the other party was switched off, and the text messages also sank into the sea like a stone.

                The sudden disappearance of her lover left Wang Yuanyuan’s heart at a loss.

                She even had the illusion that everything that had happened with Qiao Feiyun was just a beautiful dream.

                However, the ten-million-dollar Richard Mille watch in her pocket was so real, and the second hand of the watch kept on beating as if to remind her that everything that had happened before was not a dream.

                But in doing so, she had a new worry in her heart, she was afraid that Qiao Feiyun was abandoning her in disguise.

                Although the Richard Mille that Qiao Feiyun had given her was also worth a lot of money, compared to the life of a young grandmother in the future, she did not care about a mere watch.