Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4226

                “As the saying goes, when things go wrong, there is always a demon. Your father’s judgment is now disturbed by subjective thoughts, unable to make judgments calmly and objectively, so I hope you can calm down and think about this scandal, it could have happened to any of the three of you, if you can find clues, maybe Flynn Hao Yang can still be saved. “

                He took out a business card and handed it to Flynn Xuebin, saying indifferently, “Contact me if you have figured it out and are willing to work with me, we don’t have much time left, you certainly don’t want to collect your son’s body when the 48-hour deadline is up, and I am retiring soon, I don’t want to leave such a headless case behind before I retire.”

                Flynn Xuebin’s expression was shocked and appalled, he subconsciously took Li Yalin’s business card and was trying to organize his words to say something when Li Yalin said in a dashing manner, “Goodbye!” He then turned around and left.

                As soon as Li Yalin left, Flynn Xuebin panicked and said to his father, Flynn Shanhai, “Dad …… that Li Yalin has a point! This matter is indeed too strange!”

                Although Flynn Shanhai’s expression was very ugly, it was also vaguely panic-stricken, and he subconsciously asked, “What exactly is this great scandal he’s talking about? Is it about your grandfather? But the way I took over the family headship was basically legal, even if I had to go to court, I wouldn’t have lost. Even if it came out, I could deny it, what would be the big deal? It wouldn’t be a big scandal, right?”

                Flynn Xuebin nodded gently and smacked his lips, “I don’t think it’s too big …… If grandpa had really been taken care of by us, we’d naturally be weak-minded if this came out, but we didn’t succeed, we haven’t even found a trace of grandpa… …”

                Flynn Shanhai sat back in his chair and said with a few moments of panic, “Then what exactly does Li Yalin mean …… Xue Bin, do you have any scandals that I don’t know about?”

                “Ah? Me?” Flynn Xuebin was also a little nervous all of a sudden, stammering for half a day unable to say anything.

                Flynn Shanhai slammed the table and shouted angrily, “What time is it now, still covering up! Speak up!”

                Flynn Xuebin shuddered in fear and hurriedly said, “I …… am just having a bit of an affair with a few female stars in Hollywood …… and one of them is the wife of a well-known director in Hollywood ……”

                The first thing that I did was to get to know the woman. There is a Hollywood actor who openly supports his wife in finding a fresh boyfriend, everyone is very open and open-minded, with the open-mindedness of the Americans, even if my little thing all came out, no one would care at all ……”

                As soon as the words left his mouth, Flynn Xuebin subconsciously looked up and asked, “What about you, Dad ……?”

                “Me?” Flynn Shanhai roared angrily, “I’m over seventy f*cking years old, what scandal can I have? Even if there is a scandal, it was twenty or thirty years ago or even earlier, even if it comes to light, it doesn’t mean anything!”

                After saying that, Flynn Shanhai added, “I think that the big scandal that Li Yalin is talking about is not an ordinary male/female affair at all! This kind of thing is at most scandalous in the US, not really a scandal, think about it in another direction!”

                Flynn Xuebin was at a loss: “I am really unable to think of anything ……”

                Flynn Shanhai remembered something and jerked awake, asking him out of the blue, “This scandal, could it be on Hao Yang?”

                “Hao Yang?” Flynn Xuebin was even more puzzled, “Hao Yang, he has excellent character and education, there can’t be any scandal, even if there is, at most, it’s just that little thing between a young man and woman, what can it be?”

                Flynn Shanhai snorted coldly and said with a bit of contempt, “I think Li Yalin is at the end of his rope, if he can’t solve this case, he will definitely lose his life, that’s why he made up his own imagination.

                As he was talking, the butler came in in a hurry and said, “Master, Song Peng says he has a very important lead to report to you!”