Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4210

In the Iga ninja clan, both ninja and family members have for centuries enforced a military-style administration, with very strict management from top to bottom.

                Therefore, when Hattori Hanzo gave the order, the whole clan immediately began to prepare in earnest.

                All the shinobi dropped all their affairs at once, and then they rushed to the school and picked up all the children who were attending school, and any elderly people who were hospitalised due to illness, as long as their lives were not in danger for the time being, were also picked up from the hospital by their families.

                All the women began to pack quickly at home, following Hattori Hanzo’s orders to bring only the essentials and small valuables and to leave the rest at home, even if they knew they might not return for the rest of their lives.

                It took less than two hours for the entire Iga ninja to prepare for the evacuation, which was scheduled to take five hours.

                Then, hundreds of people from all over the Iga ninja arrived at Kansai International Airport in Osaka, less than a hundred kilometres away.

                Here, the three Boeing 777 planes arranged by Nanae Ito had been waiting for a long time.

                When Charlie wade instructed Nanae to arrange the planes, he had deliberately asked her to be risk-averse, as the two planes were chartered in the name of Kazuo Hattori, and the money was also paid by Charlie wade from the United States, so that even if the Flynn family was desperate, they would not investigate the Ito family.

                Soon, the entire Iga ninja clan finished boarding the plane, and the three planes took off from Kansai Airport one after another without incident.

                At this moment, it would take more than seven hours for a plane of experts sent by the Flynn family to reach Osaka.

                Little did the experts on the planes know that the closest they would get to their target would be in a little over three hours, when they would pa*s each other on the route over the Bering Sea.

                It was a brush, but for aviation safety reasons, the opposing aircraft would be at least ten kilometres away.

                But even so, this will be the shortest physical distance between them at any point.

                After confirming that the two Boeing 777s had taken off, Wan Bajun followed Charlie wade’s instructions and anonymously provided CNN with an important clue.

                Right now, although the Flynn family knew that Flynn Hao Yang had been kidnapped by Japanese ninjas, they had not yet found out, for the time being, which Japanese ninjas the kidnappers were, as Kazuo Hattori and the others had all entered the country using disguised fake identities.

                Originally, they had planned to send their men to Japan first and then investigate from there, but to their surprise, this anonymous informant revealed all the real information about the eight Iga ninja who were involved in Flynn Hoang’s kidnapping.

                After confirming that the information provided by the other party was accurate, the Flynn family’s intelligence officers did not bother to study the identity of the anonymous informer and immediately informed the person in charge of the plane via satellite phone that they should go to Iga City directly after arriving in Japan and control all the core members of the Iga ninja to negotiate with Hattori Kazuo.

                The reason why Charlie wade gave this instruction was also to completely cut off any other thoughts of the Iga ninja, and at the same time, to play a good game on the Flynn family.

                In a few hours, the Flynn family would find that the entire Iga ninja clan had disappeared without a trace.

                When they have pieced together the clues and mapped out the path of the Iga ninja, they will be surprised to find out that the entire Iga ninja clan has chartered a flight to New York, and I wonder how the Flynn family will feel when they do.


                Seven hours later.

                When it was already dawn in America and night in Japan, the plane that the Flynn family had sent, finally landed at Kansai Airport.

                The person in charge called Flynn Shanhai at the first opportunity and reported respectfully, “Master of the family, we have landed at Kansai Airport, and after we finish the entry formalities, we will rush to Iga at the first opportunity!”

                Flynn Shanhai said coldly, “Make sure you get the head of the Iga ninja and other key people under control! When the time comes, cut off all of their ears first!”

                The person in charge said without thinking, “Don’t worry, family head, we will complete the task!”