Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4182

What Charlie wade likes most is to kill to kill.

                He knew what the rich cared most about, so he could always find their seventh inch.

                For most rich people, there were only two things they cared about the most, profit and face.

                Since they wanted to make a big deal out of it, and wanted to inflict more damage on the Flynn family, this way of bringing the scandal to light was the best solution.

                When Flynn Xue Bin returned home and met a group of furious family members, he realised that he had actually caught fire on the internet.

                When he saw the video of himself that had gone viral on the internet, his entire being was almost P*ssed off to the point of dying in place.

                The unpleasant stand-up girl made him sick all the way to the car and he almost vomited several times.

                Add to that the feeling of holding his son’s two ears in his hands, and the pain was even more excruciating.

                He managed to make it home and was ready to take his HIV blocking medication immediately, but to his surprise, the video of himself kissing the street girl went viral first.

                In front of his family, he yelled, “I have to find the B*****d who posted the video, I can’t take it until he’s dead!

                Flynn Shanhai said in a cold voice, “This video must have been taken since you didn’t get out of the car, it was obviously waiting for you, maybe it was one of them.”

                Flynn Xuebin was confused and said, “Dad, if they want money, just ask for it, what the hell are they doing?”

                As he said that, he handed out his son’s two ears and blurted out, “Also, why are they treating Hao Yang so cruelly? Aren’t they afraid that our Flynn family will fight them to the death?!”

                Flynn Shanhai frowned and said, “I can understand if they cut off Hao Yang’s ears, it’s just to show us their guts and let us know that they are capable of doing anything, so as to break our will ……”

                I really don’t understand this move, I don’t see how it’s necessary at all …… you guys say, what good will it do them if this matter is exposed? “

                The Flynn family members all shook their heads with bewildered faces.

                No one could understand why the other party did not put the Flynn family in their eyes in the slightest, kidnapped the Flynn family and spat in the Flynn family’s face.

                Meanwhile, Flynn Xuebin’s video has been getting hotter and hotter all over the internet.

                Not only in the United States, but even around the world, it has caused a huge stir.

                Even in China, which is half a world away, it has made it to the short video platforms, as well as the hot searches on the Weibo platform.

                Internet users all over the world love to eat the melons of the rich.

                The Flynn family, in turn, is one of the top families in the world, much stronger than the Lee family in Korea and the Ito family in Japan.

                Not to mention the Lee family, one of Korea’s top plutocrats, when the daughter of a Korean airline made a scene at New York’s JFK airport and forced the plane to return because a packet of nuts given to her by a flight attendant was not put on her plate, the incident immediately became a hot topic around the world, and the daughter was forced to resign and apologise publicly, and was even sentenced to one year in prison.

                The Flynn family’s curiosity is many notches higher than that, so this kind of big melon is naturally loved by people all over the world.

                As a result, the internet was flooded with all kinds of comments and banter.

                Some people said, “I think this Flynn Xuebin must be a pervert, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to go for such a prostitute, such a prostitute would not even get a glance for ten dollars when placed on a country lane!”

                “I think the Flynn family’s old ancestors’ coffin boards are about to be covered! They must be confused as to how their own family could produce such a heavy-handed offspring!”

                Someone else said, “I reckon, this Flynn Xuebin should have some special fetish, maybe people with money like the kind of women who are covered in needles and may even carry HIV;”