Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4173

On the ground, two bloody ears stood out, while Flynn Hao Yang covered his ears to death, wailing repeatedly, blood gushing out from his fingers in an unbearable manner.

At this time, Wan Bajun gave a wink to his subordinate and said, “Treat his wounds.”

His men nodded and immediately took out a bottle of golden sore medicine to stop the bleeding, stepped forward and sprinkled the powder on both sides of his wounds.

Wan Bajun then said to Hattori Kazuo, “Pick up the things on the floor and go to the bathroom to wash them up, I still need them.”

Hattori Kazuo dared not refuse, and hastily bent down and picked up the two ears, walked to the next bathroom and washed them with water.

At this time, a helicopter landed in the courtyard of the villa.

Charlie wade stepped off the plane alone, and then a soldier from the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple walked up and said respectfully, “Mr Wade, the Temple Master is in the basement, please follow me.”

Charlie wade nodded and was led by the soldier to the basement of the villa.

Pushing the door in, Wan Bajun was standing in the middle of the room, while Flynn Hao Yang had already had his two ears cut off, wailing in pain while shivering all over.

Seeing that Charlie wade had arrived, Wan Bajun immediately said respectfully, “Mr. Wade!”

Charlie wade nodded, looked at Flynn Haoyang and sneered, “Young Master Flynn, we meet again.”

Only then did Flynn Hao Yang see Charlie wade, and in this instant, he couldn’t care less about the sharp pain coming from his ear, and said in shock, “You …… You’re the feng shui master?!”

Charlie wade laughed: “What? Are you surprised to see me?”

Flynn Hao Yang’s brain was not even enough and questioned offhandedly, “Who the hell are you?! Why did you let the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple tie me up here?! Why did you let them cut off my ears? Why?!”

Charlie wade said indifferently, “There’s no such thing as why… I don’t like you, okay?”

Flynn Hao Yang roared in anger, “I have no f*cking grudge against you! What the hell do you mean by that? Aren’t you afraid that my Flynn family will take revenge on you?!”

Charlie wade looked at him, his eyes gradually becoming cold as he asked in a stern voice, “What enmity did you have with so many innocent girls who died at your hands? And why did you work in cahoots with Qiao Feiyun, hunting them and abusing them without any bottom line of conscience?!”

At this point, Charlie wade’s voice rose a few notches and he shouted angrily, “You ungrateful dog, you even moved your mind to Stephanie’s head, do you know that Stephanie was engaged to me when she was three years old? If you’re moving dirt on the head of a taiyoung man, what the hell is wrong with your life?”

Flynn Hao Yang was instantly struck by lightning, his eyes wide and unable to speak a word.

He had never dreamed that this feng shui master, surnamed Wade, would learn about him ……

He subconsciously sopH*morized, “I don’t even know what you’re talking about! I, Flynn Hao Yang, have never done any of the things you say! I didn’t have any ill intentions towards Miss Stephanie either!”

Charlie wade said disdainfully, “Flynn Haoyang, do you still f*cking think that I run the court? You deny it and I won’t judge you? Since I got you here, I won’t listen to a single word of explanation from you!”

Saying this, Charlie wade coldly said, “Flynn Hao Yang, I can tell you bluntly, you fell into my Charlie wade’s hands this time, you are f*cking dead!”