Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4168

In Li Yalin’s view, the surveillance records that had been tampered with were only within the confines of the hotel, but Chen Fu’s contact with the Japanese ninjas outside the hotel must have been difficult to avoid all municipal surveillance.

                So, as long as Chen Fu could provide the time and place of his contact with the ninjas outside the hotel, Li Yalin would be able to find out the visual data of the men.

                While Li Yalin was mobilising his police force and searching for visuals based on Chen Fu’s confession, Charlie wade had already left the Wangfu Hotel with Stephanie, Chen Duo Duo and Chen Zhao Zhong.

                Considering that the charity dinner had gone down the drain and there was no dinner at once, Charlie wade suggested that everyone find a place to have dinner first.

                He believed that Chen Zhaozhong must still have something to say to him.

                Moreover, he also wanted to hear what other suggestions Chen Zhaozhong had to follow up.

                He was afraid that if Charlie wade did not handle the matter properly, it would lead to a big disaster.

                So he suggested, “Why don’t we go to my place? The food is a little bit more basic, but it’s better than talking conveniently.”

                Charlie wade naturally had no problem with this, so he looked at Stephanie, who smiled cheekily and said, “Uncle Zhong’s roast goose is the best, I haven’t had enough!”

                Charlie wade smiled faintly and waved his hand, “Let’s go, to Chinatown!”

                The four of them were escorted by their bodyguards and made their way to Chinatown. At this time, Chen Zhao Zhong’s shop was already closed and the guys had already closed and left, so Chen Zhao Zhong invited Charlie wade and the others to the first floor while he himself went to prepare the meal.

                At this time, Charlie wade also received the information from Wan Bajun that Hattori Kazuo and the others, as well as Flynn Hao Yang of the Flynn family, were now under his control.

                Charlie wade instructed him to make sure to keep all nine of them under control and not to let them have any contact with the outside world.

                At the same time, he also instructed Wan Bajun to draw more manpower to the vicinity of the Flynn family’s property, as he believed that Qiao Feiyun was now hiding in the Flynn family.

                It was just that the Flynn family was so big and heavily guarded that it would be easy for the Wan Long Temple to kill its way in, but if it wanted to sneak in silently and find Qiao Feiyun, it would be almost impossible.

                Once the commotion became too loud, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall would definitely reveal its whereabouts.

                This time, Charlie wade did not want to directly expose the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall. If the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was exposed now, there would be one less trump card to catch the other side off guard when they came to the United States to compete with the Rothschilds in the future.

                The best solution is to lay a net around the Flynn family and wait for that son of a b*tch Qiao Feiyun to get in on his own!


                Ten minutes later, Chen Zhao Zhong walked upstairs with his meal.

                After preparing the meal, Chen Zhao Zhong greeted everyone and after everyone sat down, he looked at Charlie wade and asked in a lowered voice, “Young Master wade, I don’t quite understand one thing, why are those Japanese ninjas so afraid of you?”

                Charlie wade smiled, “Have you heard about the incident where the Wade family was sought revenge by the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple some time ago?”

                Chen Zhao Zhong nodded and said, “I only heard about it afterwards, they said that the Wade family gave up half of their a*sets to the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple to escape a disaster, so when I saw you today, I had not mentioned this matter.”

                Charlie wade waved his hand and casually said, “This is just a rumour I deliberately let out, the real situation is just the opposite, not only did the Wade family not give up half of its a*sets to the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall instead all gave their allegiance to me, I just didn’t want the Wade family to have a big tree, that’s why there was this rumour.”

                Chen Zhao Zhong was dumbfounded as he listened, Charlie wade had not told him this earlier, so he could not believe his ears.