Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4156

Just as the president of the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Lu Si Nian, had finished his speech and was about to give the podium to Flynn Hao Yang, the scene suddenly erupted into commotion.

                The Flynn family’s men and the hotel staff were drawn over by a shout from Charlie wade, and the next thing they saw was a scene that broke them.

                Six of Stephanie’s bodyguards died on the spot, and Sun Hao, the a*sistant of the young master Flynn Hao Yang, also died tragically on the spot.

                On top of that, the whereabouts of the young master, Flynn Hao Yang, was unknown.

                Several of Flynn Hao Yang’s bodyguards sat paralyzed with fear on the spot, how could they have imagined that their young master would go missing from his own hotel?

                One of them, a middle-aged man named Qin Luodong, was the nephew of Yuan Zixu, the personal bodyguard of Flynn Jianzhong, a martial arts expert who was specifically responsible for protecting Flynn Hao Yang’s safety.

                However, since he had been protecting Flynn Hao Yang, Flynn Hao Yang had never treated him as one of his own, so he was often sent away by Flynn Hao Yang for various reasons, and even Flynn Hao Yang often changed his activity plan without permission to get rid of him.

                Over time, Qin Luodong became discontented with Flynn Hao Yang, and he even mentioned this to his uncle Yuan Zixu, asking him to find a fellow student from the school to replace him.

                Although Yuan Zixu agreed to his request, he was also repeatedly told to hold back for the time being and to wait until Yuan Zixu returned from China.

                At the charity dinner today, Qin Luodong wanted to protect Flynn Hao Yang closely, but he did not expect that Flynn Hao Yang would ask him to stand guard in the banquet hall and would not allow him to leave the banquet hall halfway.

                When Qin Luodong arrived at the entrance of the lounge, he saw the seven corpses and his heart thudded.

                So, he immediately questioned, “Who found them first?!”

                Charlie wade, who was standing at the door frame, said, “It was me!”

                Qin Luodong glanced at Charlie wade and asked offhandedly, “Tell me! What is this all about?!”

                Seeing how tough he was, Charlie wade took a step back and asked angrily in return, “You still have the face to ask me what’s going on? I still want to ask you what’s going on! What the hell are you guys up to? Inviting Miss Stephanie to your charity dinner, only to have all six of our bodyguards killed! How did you do your security? If you don’t give us a reasonable explanation for this matter, we will never let it go!”

                When Qin Luodong and the other bodyguards heard these words, they were speechless.

                Only then did they realise that it was all a mistake on their side, and that Stephanie and the six of them had also lost their lives because of their mistake.

                This made Qin Luodong’s heart even more terrified.

                His own mission was to protect Flynn Hao Yang’s safety, but when such a big thing happened under his nose, this was too big a responsibility!

                Charlie wade saw that these bodyguards seemed indecisive, so he immediately spoke up, “This is an important matter, I think it’s better to call 911 to report it!”

                After saying that, he immediately turned around and said to Chen Duoduo, “Miss Duoduo, please call the police.”

                Chen Duoduo nodded and hurriedly pulled out her mobile phone.

                Qin Luodong hurriedly said, “Sir, you should take it easy first, this matter, please allow me to report it to our master and youngest master.”

                Charlie wade said angrily, “Six of us have died and only one of you has died, you are not in a hurry! You should report to whoever you want, but this matter, we must call the police to deal with it!”

                After saying that, Charlie wade added, “To ensure Miss Stephanie’s safety, from now on, I’m going to close this door, and open it only when the police come!”

                As soon as the words left his mouth, Charlie wade heaved the door of the room shut.

                At this time, those bodyguards left outside by the security company Stephanie had worked with also rushed in at the sound of the noise, and once they saw that six of their companions had died, they were all very emotional, demanding that the hotel must give an account.