Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4152

Chen Zhao Zhong’s analysis made Charlie wade exclaim, “Uncle Zhong, your idea is really great! Let’s do as you say!”

                At this moment, Chen Duo Duo couldn’t help but speak up, “Mr. Wade …… Didn’t that Hattori Kazuo say just now that that scum called Qiao Feiyun was waiting for him to send someone to the pier? The first thing to do is to catch Flynn Hao Yang here and then go to the pier to catch that Qiao Feiyun. What’s the point of going to all this trouble?”

                Chen Zhao Zhong smiled and said, “Miss Duo Duo, reality is not the same as movies. How can the person in charge behind the scenes risk putting himself in danger?”

                Charlie wade also nodded and said, “If Qiao Feiyun would personally go to the pier to hand over to the Iga ninja, then this person would not have survived today.

                Chen Duo Duo smiled awkwardly twice: “Well …… it’s me who’s overthinking ……”

                After saying that, she asked Charlie wade again, “Mr. Wade, then how are you sure that that Flynn Hao Yang will definitely come over? In case he is late in coming, won’t that plan go down the drain?”

                Charlie wade said seriously, “It all depends on who is the first to sulk.”

                Saying that, Charlie wade looked at Stephanie and smiled, “Stephanie, help me perform the play later!”


                At this moment, Hattori Kazuo and the others, had already loaded all the corpses of the six bodyguards into the rubbish truck through the internal pa*sage prepared in advance.

                In order to ensure that the matter would not be revealed, Hattori Kazuo had long ago forced Chen Fu to clear the entire area in the vicinity, so there were no other staff members active in the area, which greatly facilitated them.

                Afterwards, Hattori Kazuo and the others, in accordance with Charlie wade’s request, re-a*sumed the guise of waiters and returned to the vicinity of the VIP room to continue their cleaning work.

                And at that moment, inside the banquet hall, Flynn Hao Yang was anxiously waiting for the news that the ninja had won.

                Originally, the plan Qiao Feiyun had made was that after Hattori Kazuo had gotten his hands on the ninja, he would take the man away in the rubbish truck, and at this time would send a text message to Qiao Feiyun informing him that things had worked out, and Qiao Feiyun would reply with a coded message to Flynn Ho Yang, relaying the good news to him.

                In this way, Flynn Hao Yang did not have to have any contact with Kazuo Hattori throughout the whole process, and when the person disappeared, Chen Fu would take the blame, and he only needed to pretend that he did not know anything, and no one would a*sociate himself with him.

                Therefore, Flynn Hao Yang was now only looking forward to Qiao Feiyun’s reply.

                However, when he saw that Vice President Luan of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce had finished his speech and President Lu was halfway through his speech, it would soon be his turn to speak on stage.

                However, he still did not receive any news, and this ninja’s efficiency was really disappointing.

                At this moment, Flynn Hao Yang was in an even more nervous mood.

                What he was nervous about was not that he was addressing so many people, but that he knew very well that according to the process he had originally agreed with Stephanie and even with the two presidents of the Chinese Business a*sociation, when he came to the end of his speech, he was going to announce in public that there was a heavyweight guest of honour at tonight’s charity dinner.

                Immediately afterwards, he would announce from the stage that there would be a heavyweight guest of honour.

                At this point, Stephanie will come out of the lounge and walk straight onto the stage, dropping a big bombshell on the audience and bringing tonight’s charity dinner to a climax.

                Of course, this process is based on the premise that there will be no surprises.

                The real process is that Hattori Kazuo has to complete his task and kidnap Stephanie before Flynn Hao yang can take the stage.

                Subsequently, he himself received a coded message back from Qiao Feiyun and boldly took to the stage to deliver his speech, and at the end of his speech, he still announced the heavyweight VIPs for the night in public, and then had the VIPs take the stage.

                However, since Stephanie had already been kidnapped and all the people around her had been killed, the situation would be that after Flynn Hao Yang had said on stage that the VIP would be invited to appear, the VIP would not be seen afterwards.