Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4144

Charlie wade was a little surprised and looked at Chen Zhao Zhong, asking in a low voice, “Uncle Zhong, what do you think is wrong here?”

As his own strength continued to rise, Charlie wade had long since entered a state where he could respond to all changes with no change.

Therefore, he also did not need to keep a tight string at all times, and with his strength, he was able to ensure that he could basically deal with unexpected events with ease when he encountered them.

However, Chen Zhao Zhong was different.

In all his years in the United States, Chen Zhao Zhong had always been cautious.

On the one hand, he had to worry about the immigration authorities finding out his illegal immigration status, and on the other hand, he had to worry about the rich man surnamed Liu from Hong Kong Island sending someone to find him.

Therefore, he is always alert to everything around him, and his sense of danger is naturally sharper.

At this moment, Chen Zhao Zhong said in a very serious whisper, “Young Master Wade, there are many small details that are always incorrect with me.”

Saying that, he then spoke out all the doubts he had in his heart.

Charlie wade’s expression also gradually cooled down after listening.

He felt that Chen Zhao Zhong’s analysis made sense.

One thing and two things being abnormal might be a coincidence, but many factors being abnormal, it would be hard to explain it by coincidence.

Thinking of this, he asked Chen Zhao Zhong in a low voice, “Uncle Zhong, do you think that Flynn Hao Yang is plotting against Stephanie?”

“Mm.” Chen Zhao Zhong nodded and spoke, “Flynn Hao Yang is the young master of the Flynn family, his status, out of everyone outside, is the highest, so it is impossible for him to help others sing, so he must be the real protagonist.”

Saying that, Chen Zhao Zhong added: “Moreover, with his status as the young master of the Flynn family, since he decided to do this, he must have a very thorough plan, and he must also not leave any risks, they arranged us in such a room where there is no retreat, the intention is already very obvious, there are killing opportunities all around, Young Master Wade!”

Charlie wade could not help but frown, in his mind, he suddenly thought of that Qiao Feiyun who was still unaccounted for.

Then, a doubt sprouted in his mind: that Qiao Feiyun, could he have something to do with Flynn Hao Yang?

Or, could Flynn Hao Yang be Qiao Feiyun’s important superior?

After all, if Flynn Hao Yang really wanted to make a move on Stephanie today, it would prove that he was a beast in human skin, just like Qiao Feiyun.

Moreover, it was after Qiao Feiyun had come to New York that he disappeared, and with the ability of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, they hadn’t even found out Qiao Feiyun’s whereabouts, which proved that Qiao Feiyun must have defected to someone very strong, and Flynn Hao Yang just happened to have that strength.

With this in mind, Charlie wade immediately took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to Wan Bajun, the text message read: check out Qiao Feiyun and Flynn Hao Yang of the Flynn family, see if these two had any interactions in the past, and also find out what Flynn Hao Yang’s relationship was with Garet.”

But anything that was written into the file was much easier for Wan Long Temple to investigate.

Although much of Flynn Hao Yang’s information was highly encrypted, but Wan Long Temple had their own informants in the US intelligence department, and the hackers they trained could also directly crack the cla*sified information, so they quickly found out the files of Qiao Feiyun and Flynn Hao Yang, and then did a comparison between the two files, and immediately made a discovery.

Just as Charlie wade was waiting for a reply, Stephanie looked at the two men in surprise and asked, “Uncle Zhong, brother Charlie wade, what are you two talking about there, exchanging pleasantries? Mysteriously ……”

Charlie wade smiled slightly and casually said, “I’m quite curious about that Young Master Flynn and asked Uncle Zhong about it.”

Stephanie asked in confusion, “Brother Charlie wade, what are you curious about him?”

Charlie wade was about to speak when he suddenly received a text message, which read, “Mr. wade, Flynn Hao Yang’s father’s name is Flynn Xuebin, his grandfather is Flynn Shanhai, Garet is his great grandfather, the rest is still being checked.”