Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4141

                Only after confirming that there was no danger whatsoever did the driver’s intercom carry the voice of his teammate, “Everything is ready, we can let Miss Stephanie off now.”

                The driver immediately said, “Miss Stephanie, you can get out of the car now.”

                After saying that, he pushed open the car door and pulled the rear door open for Stephanie.

                Stephanie and Charlie wade stepped out of the car together, and at this time, Chen Zhaozhong, who was sitting in the car behind, also stepped out of the car.

                The two bodyguards came out of the VIP lane and said to Stephanie, “Miss Stephanie, you can go in now.”

                Stephanie nodded, and at that moment, two middle-aged men and a young man walked out of the VIP lane together.

                The one in the lead was Lu Sinian, the president of the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce, while the middle-aged man on his left was Luan Xianning, the executive vice president of the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce and a good friend of Lord Orrin when he was young.

                The young man on Lu’s right is naturally the organiser of this charity dinner, the youngest member of the Flynn family, Flynn Hao Yang.

                Flynn Hao Yang had made such a big show in order to trap Stephanie in it, so when he heard that Stephanie had arrived, he naturally couldn’t wait to meet her.

                At this moment, Stephanie also saw the three people, and after recognizing that one of them was none other than her father’s best friend Luan Xianning, she smiled and said, “Hello Uncle Luan!”

                Luan Xianning said with a smile, “Aiya Stephanie, I haven’t seen you for a few years. Your Auntie Sun has been talking about missing you!”

                Stephanie said politely, “Uncle Luan, I’ve been busy lately, so I haven’t had time to visit.

                Luan Xianning said happily, “Great! That daughter of mine adores you the most! If she knew you were coming over for dinner, she would be so excited that she wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight!”

                If she knew that you were coming to our home for dinner, she would be so excited that she wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight!” Luan Xianning said, “Right, Stephanie, uncle would like to introduce you to this young and promising young man, who is the young master of the Flynn family in the United States, and this charity dinner was organized by Young Master Flynn.”

                Flynn Hao Yang smiled slightly and nodded at Stephanie in a very gentlemanly manner, “Hello, Miss Stephanie! My name is Flynn Hao Yang, I have heard a lot about you, and today I finally got to meet Miss Stephanie in person as I had hoped!”

                Stephanie also nodded her head and said, “Young Master Flynn is very kind.”

                At the side, Charlie wade looked at Flynn Hao Yang with interest and thought to himself, “I wonder what relationship this young master of the Flynn family has with Phoebe, is he Phoebe’s cousin or Phoebe’s cousin’s nephew?”

                Luan Xianning then added: “Stephanie, let me introduce you again, this is the president of our New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Lu Sinian.”

                Lu Sinian said with a smile, “Miss Stephanie, it is a great honour for our New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce to work with you this time, and please don’t worry Miss Stephanie, our New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce will do our best to satisfy you and your team this time!”

                Stephanie nodded politely and said, “Then it will be hard for Chairman Lu!”

                At this time, Luan Xianning looked at Charlie wade and then at Chen Zhaozhong and asked curiously, “Stephanie, these two gentlemen are?”

                Stephanie first introduced Chen Zhaozhong and said, “This is Chen Zhaozhong, an old friend of my father’s.”

                After saying that, she also introduced Charlie wade in a serious manner, “As for this …… man, his surname is Wade, he is my chief feng shui master for this North American tour, I went to a lot of trouble to specially invite him from China, you can just call him Master Wade as I do.”

                “Master Wade ……” Luan Xianning was a bit surprised and unconsciously looked at Charlie wade carefully, seeing that he was so young and did not have much of a master’s demeanor, he had a bit more contempt in his heart, always thinking that he was probably a charlatan, but his mouth was very polite as he exclaimed He said, “I didn’t expect Master Wade to be so young and already a feng shui master, really young and promising!”

                Charlie wade smiled and said casually, “I’m not really young and promising, but I just have some friends to support me, if Mr. Luan has any feng shui needs, you can find me.”