Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4134

After listening to Lord Orrin’s voice message, Charlie wade was surprised in his heart.

                If it was really as Lord Orrin had said, combined with his father’s approval of this Chen Zhaozhong back then, it was enough to see that Chen Zhaozhong must have very strong overachievers.

                In his heart, Charlie wade also knew that his biggest development constraint was the scarcity of talent.

                Although the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was strong, it could not be seen in the light after all, and what the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall could solve was the problem of the force level.

                In the future, if you want the Wade family’s strength to keep climbing, force is only a very small part of it, more, it is management.

                At this point, even Charlie wade himself was far from it.

                In the future, the Wade family not only needs a leader to show the way, but also needs an experienced man in charge to help the Wade family’s ship sail more steadily, faster and further in the safest and most efficient way.

                Perhaps Chen Zhao Zhong is a suitable candidate.

                However, Charlie wade knew very well in his heart that he was not familiar with Chen Zhaozhong and knew very little about his past, and he was bound to do the same for himself.

                It would undoubtedly be somewhat abrupt to offer an invitation directly at such a time.

                So he intended, taking this opportunity, to get acquainted with Chen Zhaozhong.

                Soon, Chen Zhao Zhong and the fellow from downstairs began to walk upstairs with their elaborate Cantonese meals.

                Only after Chen Zhaozhong had finished his work and filled the long table with food did he finally stop, take off his apron and come across to Charlie wade and Stephanie.

                After a few words of courtesy, the three of them sat down opposite each other.

                Chen Zhaozhong took out a bottle of aged yellow wine and said to Charlie wade, “Young Master Wade, if you are so inclined, you may wish to join us for a drink.”

                Without thinking, Charlie wade said, “Yes, Uncle Chen, I will drink with you.”

                Chen Zhao Zhong nodded and smiled, opened the yellow wine and was about to pour it for Charlie wade, when Charlie wade took it over first and smiled, “Uncle Chen, you are the elder, it is better for me to pour you a drink!”

                With that, he poured the wine gla*s in front of him half full first.

                Chen Zhao Zhong seemed to be somewhat terrified and stretched out his hands to protect the wine gla*s all the time, and after Charlie wade finished pouring it, he said gratefully, “Thank you, Young Master Wade, if you don’t mind, just call me Uncle Zhong like Miss Gu(Sun).”

                Charlie wade said politely, “Okay Uncle Zhong, but I don’t know which zhōng you are?”

                Chen Zhao Zhong smiled and said, “Back to Young Master Wade, it’s Zhong of the clock.”

                Charlie wade nodded and asked again, “By the way Uncle Zhong, are you from Hong Kong Island?”

                “No.” Chen Zhao Zhong shook his head and said, “My ancestors are from Duanzhou in Guangdong Province, my father ran away to Hong Kong Island during the war, so I was also born in Hong Kong Island, my father established his roots in Hong Kong Island by relying on his ancestral art of roasting geese, later on, my family gradually became rich, so they sent me to Europe and America to study.”

                Charlie wade asked curiously, “Then how did you meet my father?”

                Chen Zhao Zhong said, “I met your father when we were hiking in the United States. We were both students at that time, and we happened to run into each other when we were hiking during the holidays. “

                However, as our schools were far away from each other, we did not see each other much, although we wrote and telephoned.”

                “Then later, your father went back to China with your mother, and left me a contact form when he was leaving, hoping that I could go to Eastcliff to look for him after I graduated, but my heart was attached, so I went back to Hong Kong Island.”