Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4127

                After all, they had always felt that American singers were the global leaders of pop music.

                Therefore, the high-minded ones thought to themselves that a Chinese female singer could not possibly have such a strong influence.

                Some local media even deliberately questioned and questioned, thinking that the fans who met her at the airport must all be groupies hired by Stephanie’s agency at their expense.

                Stephanie also responded to these Western media’s questions with strength.

                Tickets for her New York and Boston concerts opened on time, three hours after her arrival in the US.

                The two concerts, with a total of 90,000 tickets, were instantly snapped up in less than a minute, generating sales of over US$100 million!

                Although the US performance market is mature, the star base is also very large, so it is difficult for most shows to sell out, and even if they could, it would be impossible to sell out in such a short period of time.

                This piece of news instantly made headlines in all the entertainment media in the US.

                Even Stephanie’s North American partners for this tour did not expect her concert to have such strong box office appeal.

                This instantly made Stephanie the hottest topic in the entire American entertainment industry, bar none.

                The day after she arrived in the US, Stephanie attended a press conference organised by her agency, her first public appearance since arriving in the US.

                It was broadcast live on major media outlets across the United States and gathered tens of millions of simultaneous viewers on television as well as on multiple online platforms, once again showing American society the influence of this Chinese diva.

                When Kazuo Hattori saw the news on television, his first thought was surprisingly regretful that he did not have the opportunity to stay in New York and see Stephanie’s concert with his own eyes.

                After all, Stephanie’s concert started on the 15th, and he, after completing his mission on the 11th night, had to leave the United States overnight.

                With this regret in mind, Kazuo Hattori led seven of his men to kidnap the nine members of Chen Fu’s family, the general manager of the Wangfu Hotel banquet hall, from their home in New York.

                After these nine people were taken to the suburbs, Qiao Feiyun arranged for a container truck to load all nine people into it and pulled them out of New York in one go, stopping at an abandoned container yard.

                After work, Chen Fu drove his Mercedes sedan back home and was surprised to find that the house, which had been noisy all the time, was empty.

                His wife was not there, his four children were not there, and his parents and two Chinese nannies were also unaccounted for.

                However, the house as a whole was very tidy and did not look like any accident had happened.

                Just as Chen Fu pulled out his mobile phone to call his wife and ask her what had happened, his phone rang first.

                Surprisingly, it was a video call from his wife.

                Without any hesitation, Chen Fu immediately pressed the answer button. The moment the screen was connected, his whole body was struck by lightning, his legs went limp and he fell to the ground with a poof.

                In the video, his parents, wife and children, as well as his two nannies, were all hanging in a container, their mouths were wrapped in black tape and they could only struggle while letting out painful whimpers.

                At this point, a ninja’s voice came over the video: “If you want your family to live, then don’t call the police, and don’t alert anyone, and do as we say.

                At this point, the other party changed his tone and said in a cold voice, “However, if you dare to call the police or tell anyone else about this matter, then this is what will happen to them!”

                As soon as the words left his mouth, a dagger flew out of the video screen and plunged into the eyebrow of one of the nannies with great speed!

                The nanny, who was still struggling, stopped moving instantly and died completely.

                The nanny, who was still struggling, instantly stopped moving and died completely. Her expression was distorted with fear and she couldn’t rest in peace ……