Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4112

        When Lu Si Nian heard these words from Flynn Hao Yang, his whole spirit was lifted.

        If he could bring the Flynn family into the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce, it would definitely be a great achievement for the entire Chamber.

        Moreover, once the Flynn family officially joined the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce, it would mean that the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce would be far more prestigious than other chambers of commerce.

        Lu Si Nian is now worried about how he will compete with the other two Chamber of Commerce presidents who are on par with each other for the first post-merger presidency of the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

        If he could attract the Flynn family to the Chamber at this time, he would be the first president of the All China Chinese Chamber of Commerce!

        Thinking of this, he became excited and could not help but ask Flynn Hao Yang, “Sir Flynn, are you serious about this?”

        “Of course!” Flynn Hao Yang said with an arrogant expression, “I have always been a man of my word, I will keep my promise as long as you can help me make this charity dinner a success!”

        At this moment, Lu Si Nian’s heart was already overjoyed, and he hurriedly said, “Yes, Mr. Flynn, just ask me how you need my help, as long as it is within my ability, I will do my best!”

        Seeing that he had taken the bait, Flynn Hao Yang smiled in satisfaction and said, “I have two requests now, the first is that your Chamber of Commerce should officially announce its cooperation with me as soon as possible, and the second is that the charity dinner on the 11th, your Chamber of Commerce should hold up the scene for me as much as possible.”

        Without thinking, Lu Si Nian said, “No problem! We can officially announce our partnership with you today, and as for the gala dinner, don’t worry, I can personally guarantee that at least 80% of the members of the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce will be there!”

        At this moment, Lu Si Nian’s heart was already bursting with joy, these two requests of Flynn Hao Yang were too simple for him, announcing the event to the public was a simple task, and it was even easier to find more people to support the event.

        Now that the young master of the Flynn family has invited them to the charity dinner, they will probably scramble to get together.

        When Flynn Hao Yang heard this, he was naturally very satisfied and said with a smile, “Chairman Lu is really quick! Don’t worry, as long as this charity gala is done beautifully for me, I, Flynn Hao Yang, will not spare you the benefits!”

        Lu Sinian hastily bowed and said, “I am grateful to Mr. Flynn for his care!”

        Flynn Hao Yang nodded, and then pretended to suddenly remember something, and hurriedly said, “Oh yes, President Lu just said that your Chamber of Commerce has a lot of cooperation with Miss Stephanie next?”

        “Right.” Lu Si Nian said, “In addition to Miss Stephanie’s American tour, we are also working with Miss Stephanie to continue her tour in Canada, I’m not going to lie to you, Miss Stephanie’s tour is a farewell concert, after the tour, she will permanently retire from the entertainment industry, so this concert is very significant, and the revenue potential is also very huge! “

        Flynn Hao Yang couldn’t help but sigh, “Aiya, if I can invite such an influential star like Miss Stephanie to attend this charity dinner of mine, I think it will definitely take this charity project to the next level.”

        At this point, Flynn Hao Yang looked at Lu Si Nian and asked, “Chairman Lu, I wonder if you can help me make a connection with Miss Stephanie, I don’t have any other requests, as long as she can spare two hours of her time on the 11th night to come and support the event!”

        Lu Si Nian said with some difficulty, “Young Master Flynn, I can’t guarantee you on this matter because I don’t really have any friendship with Miss Stephanie, but mainly rely on our executive vice president who has some friendship with Miss Stephanie’s father.”

        Flynn Hao Yang nodded and said, “Then it would be hard for President Lu to communicate with the Executive Vice President and ask him to help make a connection, you just said that Miss Stephanie’s New York concert is on the 15th, so she should be in the US on the 11th. I’m sure Miss Stephanie will be interested in this kind of charity project, Chairman Lu just needs to help me get the word out.”

        I’m sure President Lu will be interested in this kind of charity project, so all he needs to do is to pa*s on the message to Miss Stephanie,” said Flynn Hao Yang, adding, “Oh yes, please say one more thing when you pa*s on the message to Miss Stephanie, that if she is willing to give me her face, I will put out an extra US$20 million as a donation to the charity fund, so that I can help more Chinese orphans who are in North America but have lost their loved ones. “

        If Stephanie agreed, then Flynn Hao Yang would naturally owe himself a favour, and if Stephanie did not agree, he would not offend Flynn Hao Yang, so agreeing to him would do him no harm.

        Moreover, he also had his own little plan in mind.