Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4094

       And what Qiao Feiyun was best at was meeting all of their needs.

        At this moment, when Qiao Feiyun heard Flynn Hao Yang ask about the shipment, he immediately realised that the shipment he was talking about was the young girl called Li Xiaofen from the batch of girls that third brother Qiao Feiyun had gone to pick up at sea last night.

        Flynn Hao Yang had taken a glance at this Li Xiaofen in the batch he had submitted a few days ago, and that was why he was directly willing to pay a huge sum of money to buy it from Qiao Feiyun.

        If it were usual, Flynn Hao Yang would have taken this opportunity to make a fortune first, after all, he was providing a service, and it was only natural that the client would pay for the service.

        However, some time ago, Flynn Hao Yang had a real bully.

        His grandfather, Flynn Shanhai, who had been the crown prince for decades, had finally taken out his grandfather and ascended to the throne.

        This means that Flynn Hao Yang’s father has become the new prince of the Flynn family.

        Flynn Hao Yang, on his way to becoming the head of the Flynn family, is also one step closer to becoming the Prince of the Flynn family.

        Qiao Feiyun was also very good-natured, and in order to cater to Flynn Ho Yang, when Flynn Ho Yang chose Li Xiaofen, he immediately took the initiative to offer to send her to him, telling him to wait in New York and that he would arrange for delivery immediately after receiving the goods.

        Flynn Ho Yang naturally laughed at Qiao Fei Yun’s filial respect, and he had waited all night and was really anxious, so now he called to ask him when he could deliver the person to New York.

        Qiao Feiyun was very nervous at this point.

        He didn’t know how to answer, not knowing whether he should tell Flynn Hoang everything and seek help from the Flynn family, or keep the matter under wraps and not let any of his clients, including Flynn Hoang, know about it for the time being.

        The main reason for wanting to seek help was that Qiao Feiyun was worried that his brother’s murderer would be too much for him to handle.

        However, he also knew that if he sought help today, those top VIPs, including Flynn Hao Yang, would definitely help him once because they were afraid of the matter being revealed, but after this incident, they would definitely draw a clear line and keep their distance from him.

        It was even likely that they would kill themselves to silence themselves after the wind of this matter had pa*sed.

        Therefore, Qiao Feiyun decided not to tell anyone about this matter for the time being. He would simply organize his brother’s funeral and then find a place to hide first to see how this matter would be followed up.

        If he could get through it safely, he could always come back to kill again.

        If that mysterious black hand was really too much for him to handle, it would not be too late to seek help from these top vip’s when the time came.

        Having made up his mind, he immediately said to Flynn Hao Yang, “Young Master Flynn, the Chinese girl you chose had a little accident when picking up the goods last night, I didn’t expect her to have a severe allergic reaction to tranquillisers, and she went into anaphylactic shock on the way away, my men did first aid, but in the end, she couldn’t be saved.”

        Flynn Hao Yang said in astonishment, “What’s the situation? Dead?!”

        “It’s ……” Qiao Feiyun was busy saying, “I’m really sorry young master Flynn, this matter is all my fault for not arranging it properly, you give me some more time, I will find a better one for you!”

        Flynn Hao Yang did not have any doubts, because he knew that Qiao Feiyun had always followed his own lead, and since he had already let himself pick the goods, he would definitely not string them out to someone else.

        Thinking of this, he sighed somewhat resentfully, “To be honest I kinda like that girl, I saw her being secretly photographed at the convenience store, very pretty and innocent, it’s been a long time since there were such fresh and good goods over here in Europe and America ……”

        Qiao Feiyun looked at his brother’s miserable corpse while he could only smile at Flynn Hao Yang and said, “Aiya, young master Flynn you have recently started to like this bite? I thought you liked top-notch, S*xy, hot horses the most!”

        Flynn Hao Yang sighed, “Hey, everything gets tiresome after eating too much. After eating these big fish and meat for a long time, I want to try those light, sweet, pure and unpolluted organic vegetables, which are not only nutritionally balanced, but also relieves the tiresomeness.”

        Qiao Feiyun said, “Don’t be in a hurry, give me a week’s time and I’ll look for something for you.”

        Flynn Hao Yang hesitated for a moment and smacked his lips, “Forget it, you don’t have to search everywhere for me, I’ve found a great top-quality product myself, let’s see if you can kidnap her and send her to your newly developed island?”