Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4080

                Such people can become legends even through the tragic fate of their lives.

                This old godfather was one of the latter.

                He had five sons, which made him very proud for a while.

                For, in the traditional Italian gang concept, sons were the only ones who could follow in their footsteps and carry on their Sicilian fighting spirit.

                So, in this group, the preference for sons was a constant guiding principle.

                In this group, if you don’t have a son, you are ashamed to go out and greet people.

                Those who don’t have sons don’t know how inferior and envious they feel when they see others with their sons out hacking people, dealing drugs and collecting protection money.

                Therefore, every gang member is proud to have a son.

                If anyone could have several sons, they could really walk with their nose in the air.

                The old godfather had five sons, and he had all five sons in a row, so he was the envy of many people back then.

                Four of the five sons followed in his footsteps and joined the gang, while the fifth son was still too young to join.

                Originally, he had a lot to look forward to in life, as his four sons would not only get stronger as they joined the gang, but would also have more opportunities to move up the ladder, and one of them might become a junior leader in the near future.

                During a gang fight, his four sons and a group of other a*sociates drove seven or eight cars to the Russian gang’s territory and took the Russians by surprise.

                However, on their way home from a big victory, the Russians took a short cut to stop them and caught them off guard.

                As a result, only the car driven by his four sons survived.

                The four sons were then shot by the Russian gang.

                The old godfather was naturally devastated afterwards, but to add to his devastation, his community was soon retaliated against by the Russian gangs and his wife and youngest son were also killed in the clash.

                Since then, he has been the gang’s worst totem.

                In a sense, their family is full of loyalty in the eyes of the other gang members!

                So the members of the Italian group gave him a private nickname, respectfully calling him “Old Godfather Ryan”.

                The Old Godfather was not called Ryan, but was so called to correspond with the cla*sic American war movie “Saving Private Ryan”.

                In the film, four of the Ryan brothers join the army, three die, and the US government decides to bring back the last one, Ryan, no matter what.

                In reality, all five of the old godfather’s sons died, so, in the eyes of the members of the Italian group, he was even greater than Ryan.

                That was why, everyone had given him such a nickname.

                At this moment, the old godfather was in a wheelchair and was pushed to the church, and when everyone saw him, they all stood up and paid tribute to him.

                Afterwards, someone said in tears, “Godfather, the whole group of over 800 people disappeared overnight, you must show us the way in this matter!”

                Someone immediately rose and said, “Yes, Godfather! Look at all the helpless old men, women and children here, please help them!”

                The old godfather spoke with a trembling voice: “I …… have served the group for many years …… and have never encountered anything so bizarre …… Is it true that everyone have gone missing?”

                “Yes ……” someone cried, “We counted everyone who was in Vancouver and there is no one left ……”

                “Oh holy moly ……” said the old godfather, shivering, “I …… can’t think of any gang in Vancouver that has that kind of power ……”

                Someone couldn’t help but say, “Old Godfather, I’m afraid something bad will happen to my son, why don’t we call the police …… This matter, I’m afraid only the police can find out the truth and give us an explanation!”

                “Bullsh*t!” The old godfather was so angry he almost stood up and shouted in righteous indignation, “I’ve had five dead sons and never reported them to the police, but you’ve only had one son missing for one night and you can’t wait to call the police? Do you know what is the most taboo thing for gangs all over the world? That’s calling the police!”