Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4071

Charlie wade knew that Clark was not lying.

                In order to stay alive, he had told everything he knew.

                So, Charlie wade also honoured his promise and said to Clark, “Congratulations, for being the only person on this yacht who survived.”

                Saying that, he looked at Wan Bajun and ordered, “Bajun, take him to Syria with those Italians.”

                Wan Bajun nodded and spoke, “Mr. Wade, my subordinate will now inform the cargo ship in the harbour to set sail, just as this ship of ours starts to head back, we will find a place to meet in the middle and transfer these people on board as well, then the cargo ship will go directly to Syria without stopping for a moment.”

                “Good!” Charlie wade instructed, “During the voyage, make sure to instruct the generals to guard strictly, and make sure not to let any of them escape!”

                Wan Bajun immediately said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall will definitely complete their mission 100%!”

                Clark asked nervously at this point, “Wade …… Mr. Wade …… Why did you bring me to Syria?!”

                Charlie wade said in a cold voice: “In order to leave you a life, you only have two choices, either die here like these corpses in the sea, waiting to be salvaged; or honestly follow the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple to Syria, where you can be given a way to live, you can consider it yourself.”

                When Clark heard this, he immediately had the sense to shut his mouth.

                Everyone else had died, and he was the only one still alive.

                At a time like this, he was already the luckiest one.

                What else was there to hesitate about?

                Thinking of this, he immediately said to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade …… I …… am willing to go to West Syria ……”

                Charlie wade nodded and said to Wan Breaking Jun, “Have someone take him down and return to the ship.”

                The freighter turned in the sea and headed in the direction it had come from.

                On the deck, Charlie wade was facing the sea breeze, and his heart was as unsettled as the waves beneath his feet.

                He could have two choices, one was to call it quits, and with the noise made tonight, even the Qiao family would not dare to come back to Vancouver to do anything wrong, and the gangs in Vancouver would definitely be in danger after tomorrow, and no one would dare to do anything wrong to Li Xiaofen again.

                But then, Vancouver would be safe, but the rest of Vancouver might not change at all.

                In that case, tragedies like this would continue to happen in other places and to other young girls.

                His other option, however, was to dig down the line of the Joe family, all the way to its roots, and then root it out.

                Admittedly, choosing the first one was the easiest, with everything coming to an end and not having to invest any more energy.

                However, Charlie wade did not hesitate to choose the second one!

                There were some things that it was just as well not to see, but to pretend not to see them after seeing them would be condemned by one’s conscience.

                So, he called Wan Bajun to him and opened his mouth to instruct, “Bajun, I will return to America first after dawn, you leave a few female warriors here to protect Little Fen and Auntie Li, oh yes, and that Claudia.”

                Wan Bajun immediately said, “Okay Mr. Wade, I plan to have half of my men escort the gang back to Syria with the ship, then leave a few female warriors in Canada, the rest, I will take with me to Seattle and start working on the investigation of the Qiao family, what do you think?”

                Charlie wade nodded and said, “The Qiao family is in a special situation, although they are full of evil, they are actually just a supply chain of evil, like a dark river that is constantly supplying water to those evil beasts downstream, so we not only need to find out the scale and flow of this dark river, but also find out how many beasts are actually drawing water from this dark river downstream, the The energy involved behind it is perhaps greater than all of our energy combined, so you must be careful and focus on the investigation first, don’t make any rash moves.”