Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4064

                The team leader said, “Young master, after we abandon the ship, I will escort you out of here in a lifeboat.

                The young man said coldly, “I’m not going back in a f*cking speedboat for a few hours! You call your family and have them send a seaplane to pick me up right now!”

                The team leader said, “Young master, we’re in more trouble than just a sinking ship! The cargo ship on the other side is speeding up towards us, I think they have evil intentions, if we let them catch up, I’m afraid we’ll be in danger! The first order of business now is to get you out of here!”

                The young man asked rhetorically, “Are you saying that the Canadian mafia is trying to get at us?”

                The group leader blurted out, “Most likely!”

                “Sh*t!” The young man cursed through clenched teeth, “Are these Sicilian hicks tired of living? How dare they dare to shout at me with that kind of power? Tomorrow I’ll send a team to Vancouver to chop off their boss’s head!”

                The team leader said, “Young master, even if you kill the whole Italian group tomorrow, it doesn’t matter, but the point is that we have to evacuate now!”

                The other man seemed to have accepted the leader’s advice, but he still cursed and said, “Sh*t, the first time I’ve been out with you guys, the ship is about to sink, D*mn bad luck!”

                Soon after, a young Asian man, flamboyantly dressed, came running out of the cabin.

                He quickly made his way to the right side of the ship under the cover of several men, while the crew on either side were already preparing to put the ship’s two lifeboats into the sea.

                The team leader, seeing the freighter getting closer, shouted, “Hurry up, you guys! It will be too late soon!”

                When the crew heard this, they were even more frazzled.

                The two lifeboats were not normally suspended directly from the sides of the ship like the cargo ships, but were hidden inside the deck to ensure the yacht’s aesthetic appearance. When releasing them, the deck cover needed to be opened first, and then a special lifting arm was used to lift the lifeboats from inside the deck, before they were turned to the sides of the ship and lowered.

                So the whole process would have taken at least two or three minutes.

                If it was in a normal situation, two to three minutes would be enough time to lower the lifeboats in case of any emergency.

                However, the distance between the cargo ship Charlie wade was on and them was only a few hundred metres, so they did not have enough time to lower the lifeboats before the cargo ship rushed over.

                Seeing that time was running out, the team leader hurriedly used his communicator again to shout at the freighter Charlie wade was on: “Vancouver 003, I’m warning you again, your ship must maintain a distance of more than one nautical mile from my ship! Please stop approaching my ship immediately, if you continue to approach, we will fire back!”

                At this moment, the cargo ship was only less than five hundred meters away from the other side. Wan Bajun came to the bow of the ship with the walkie-talkie, and when he saw Charlie wade standing here calmly, he hurriedly asked respectfully, “Mr. Wade, what should we do next?”

                Charlie wade said indifferently, “The next step is in your hands, I just have three requests: first, do not allow anyone to be let go; second, kill all those holding weapons; third, leave a few alive and bring them up for questioning.”

                Wan Bajun nodded, clasped his hands together and said respectfully, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, my subordinates will complete the task!”

                The other party’s yacht had already lost power, so it was naturally easy for Wan Bajun, and the other ten experts of the Tenth Dragon Hall, to deal with those armed men.

                Charlie wade nodded and pointed at the young man on the yacht ahead who was being protected by multiple people and said, “I see that guy seems to have quite a special status, make sure to catch him alive for me!”