Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4061

“Finish it off?!”

                Wan Xiaojun’s entire body was dumbfounded when he heard Charlie wade’s words.

                Thinking that Charlie wade had some misunderstanding about the situation between the two sides, he said, “Mr. Wade …… we don’t have weapons that can sink such a yacht ……”

                Saying that, he seriously explained, “With our current firepower, even if we shorten the distance to five hundred meters, bullets hitting the other ship would be similar to scratching an itch.”

                Charlie wade smiled blandly and said, “You guys don’t have it, I do.”

                Before the auction, Charlie wade had refined a few amulets for protection.

                It was also that time that, with the powerful aura of the Peiyuan Dan, Charlie wade had refined a new magic weapon for himself.

                A magic weapon that was even stronger than the Lightning Stunning Order, the Soul Piercing Blade.

                A magic weapon like the Thunderbolt Order was too powerful in attracting heavenly thunder, but it was not as powerful in killing the target.

                But the Soul Piercing Blade is different.

                The Soul Piercing Blade does not need to trigger a celestial transformation, and it is barely visible from the visual perspective.

                Not only that, the power of the Soul Piercing Blade was also much greater than that of the Thunderbolt Order.

                Back then, Charlie wade had tried it in the back mountain of the Champs-Elysées Spa Hotel. With just one layer of Soul Piercing Blade, he was able to cut down four big trees, and with ten layers of Soul Piercing Blade, even boulders could be turned into pieces.

                Therefore, Charlie wade could conclude that as long as the distance was brought a little closer, ten layers of soul piercing blades would definitely be able to pierce that yacht!

                As long as he could leave this yacht behind, by then, none of the people on this boat would be able to escape!

                Although Wan Bajun did not know exactly what weapons Charlie wade had that could sink a yacht, but since Charlie wade had said so, he did not question it in his heart, so he immediately said, “Mr. Wade, then I will arrange for my men to prepare!”

                After saying that, he turned to look at the pilot who was driving the boat and instructed, “Idle towards the target!”

                The pilot nodded and carefully steered the cargo ship, approaching the other side at a very slow speed a little.

                At this time, Charlie wade stepped out of the C*ckpit and stepped to the bow of the ship, his eyes fixed on the yacht in the distance.

                Soon, Charlie wade saw a white four-rotor drone slowly rising up from that yacht.

                This kind of civilian drone could be controlled by a seven-year-old child, and the image transmission was as stable as a dog within a few kilometres, when Hamid was in Syria, he relied on this kind of civilian drone to make the gullible Ten Thousand Dragon Temple suffer a big loss.

                Charlie wade saw the drone flying towards the cargo ship and thought to himself, “This thing is flying fast, it can easily reach several dozen kilometres per hour, and two kilometres will only take two to three minutes.

                But the cargo ship was creeping slowly towards the other side, and it could only drive 300 to 400 metres in two to three minutes.

                So, he was bound to not let this drone get close, otherwise if the other side found out the problem and fled at full speed, it would be impossible for him to catch up.

                So, he held the soul piercing blade in his hand, his eyes fixed on the fast approaching drone in the air, and with a slight movement of his aura, he immediately struck a soul piercing blade at the drone.

                Charlie wade’s Soul Piercing Blade had ten layers of Flying Blade Talisman superimposed on it when it was refined, while this Soul Piercing Blade only used one layer.

                An almost silent and invisible energy quickly flew towards that drone.

                At this moment, Wan Bajun’s ears twitched slightly. Although this Soul Penetrating Blade was almost silent, Wan Bajun was after all an eight-star martial artist at his peak state, and his superb perception allowed him to clearly detect the presence of this power.

                He was instantly shocked in his heart.

                This was because he had not expected that Charlie wade would be able to release the energy within his body across the air, something that was almost impossible for a martial artist.

                The internal energy of a martial artist could make a martial artist’s senses sharper and limbs stronger, but it could not be separated from the martial artist’s body either.

                An eight-star martial artist like Wan Bajun could even pierce armour if his internal force converged on his two fists, but no matter how much internal force he used, he could not break a gla*s cup in thin air from a distance of ten centimetres away.

                And the soul piercing blade Charlie wade had just struck was like a frog at the bottom of a well suddenly seeing a bigger world to Wan Bajun, instantly turning his perception of strength upside down.