Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4052

                At this moment, he was deeply aware that all his illusions were completely shattered and that he was bound to die this time!

                He just couldn’t understand how Charlie wade could have foreseen and known that he was going to make a move on Li Xiaofen!

                He subconsciously asked Charlie wade: “So, you lost money at the casino twice, but you were deliberately acting?”

                Charlie wade sneered, “Of course, since we’re fishing, how can we not prepare a bit of bait?”

                Guo Lei was shocked and could not help but ask with a frown, “I don’t understand …… you …… you are not in Canada, how do you know all this?! This matter is a secret within our organization, even within the organization only a very few people know about it! And they don’t know you at all, and they couldn’t have revealed the information to you!”

                Claudia on the other side said coldly, “Guo Lei, do you think I don’t know about the tricks you guys have been doing? The mark you had someone make on the doorstep of Auntie Li’s house, I found out about it a long time ago! And I know exactly what that code means! I was the one who informed Mr. wade and asked him to come to Canada to protect Little Sister Fan!”

                Guo Lei looked at Claudia with eyes wide open and cursed through clenched teeth, “So it was you! Claudia, before today, you shouldn’t have known that I killed your family. When you came back after disappearing for a while, I saw your face burnt to a crisp and felt sorry for you and wanted to let you off the hook. If I had known, I should have f*cking killed you myself!”

                Claudia reached behind her right ear and with a little force, she ripped off the scar on her right cheek, spreading all the way to her neck, revealing an exquisite face that combined the best of Eastern and Western beauties and was unbelievably beautiful.

                Guo Lei’s entire body trembled with fear and asked offhandedly, “You …… are actually faking it! What the …… hell is going on here ……”

                “What’s going on?” Claudia tears filled her eyes and asked angrily, “You must have thought that I was just lucky not to be killed by the fire and that it was impossible to find out the truth of what happened, right?”

                Guo Lei did not say anything, but there was astonishment in his eyes.

                Obviously, Claudia had said what was in his mind.

                At that moment, Claudia said in a cold voice, “When the fire started in my house, the first thing I thought of was not to run for my life, but to wake up my sleeping parents and two brothers, but they were all dead by then, and from that moment, I knew that they must have been killed by you!”

                Guo Lei’s eyes widened and he asked offhandedly, “Since you knew that I killed them, and you still dared to go back to Vancouver after this incident, did you want to seek revenge on me?”

                “Of course!” Claudia said through clenched teeth while shedding tears, “The reason I came back was to find a chance to kill you! For a while, I used to tie a few foil bags full of petrol to my body every day, and I would also carry a knife and a lighter in my pockets, so that I could puncture them at the right opportunity and set myself on fire and die with you!”

                At this point, Claudia looked at Li Xiaofen and then said to Guo Lei, “But you were still lucky! During that time, every time you appeared in front of me, you came to look for Sister Fanny, and Sister Fanny and Auntie Li had always taken special care of me, afraid that I wouldn’t be able to think or be bullied, so they had never given me the chance to meet you alone, otherwise, I would have burned you to death with my own hands!”