Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4051

Hearing Guo Lei threaten himself with Li Xiaofen, Charlie wade looked at him and asked with a cold smile, “What? You’re at the end of your rope, and you still have the ability to threaten Fanny’s safety?”

                Although Guo Lei had no bottom in his heart at this moment, he also knew that this was his only chance to escape.

                So, he said to Charlie wade with a fierce face, “When you were gambling in the casino, I had already ordered my men to arrest Li Xiaofen! If you kill me, Li Xiaofen will never be able to see the light of day again!”

                Charlie wade frowned and asked, “Why did you have someone arrest Fanny? She’s a girl, what use is she to you? Or do you have the ability to foretell all this happening now?”

                Guo Lei gritted his teeth and said, “In certain rich people’s circles, a girl like Li Xiaofen is the most valuable hard currency! The value is much higher than gold or jewellery! A clean girl like Li Xiaofen who is outstanding in looks and not promiscuous can fetch at least a million dollars in the rich man’s circle!”

                Said Guo Lei viciously, “However, those rich people who would come to the auction to bid for the girl are more or less psychologically challenged! If a girl is bought by them, she will definitely be tortured and abused by them with all kinds of cruel methods!”

                “Even if someone is lucky enough to make it through two or three years, I’m afraid these tycoons are already tired of playing with them, and when they’re tired of playing with them, these women will either die or be sent to Europe and handed over to European gangs to be sold as a money-making tool! “

                I’m telling you, if she falls into the hands of those African and Eastern European gangs in Europe, Li Xiaofen’s fate will be extremely miserable! Not only will they confine and beat women, they will also use poisonous battering rams to strengthen their grip on them! A woman like that, in their hands, usually won’t survive more than five years!”

                “If you don’t want Li Xiaofen to end up like this, then let me go now! As long as I leave Canada alive, I will let Li Xiaofen go, and from now on, you and I will have nothing to do with each other!”

                Charlie wade looked at Guo Lei with interest and asked curiously, “Guo Lei, as you can see, the entire Ten Thousand Dragons Temple is my man, even if you can leave Canada alive, how can you escape the pursuit of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple?”

                Guo Lei’s eyes were filled with fear, and then he said with a stiff upper lip, “The worst thing that can happen is that I will go back to my country and turn myself in! I’ve committed a lot of cases in China, not just telecommunication fraud, but I’ve also carried a lot of other things on my back, when the time comes, I’ll confess all these things to the police, I can at least be sentenced to a decade or two!”

                Charlie wade nodded and said with a smile, “Guo Lei, Guo Lei, you’re really a f*cking talent, usually when you break the law and commit crimes, you don’t take the police into consideration, and now when you’re in trouble, you want to seek police protection, if I really let you get away with it, won’t I just let you smear the face of the police?”

                Guo Lei said nervously, “So …… then you’re not afraid that Li Xiaofen will from now on …… be unaccounted for and die a tragic death overseas?”

                Charlie wade laughed: “I came all the way to Canada to protect my little sister, do you think I will let you have your way?”

                As he said that, he gave a wink to Wan Bajun.

                Wan Bajun immediately brought Li Xiaofen over from the next cabin, again.

                Li Xiaofen originally only knew that Guo Lei had killed Claudia’s parents and two younger brothers, but never in her wildest dreams did she think that he had even set his mind on her own body!

                Therefore, the moment Li Xiaofen saw Guo Lei, although she didn’t say anything, her eyes were full of spitefulness and hatred.

                And when Guo Lei saw Li Xiaofen, all the hopes he had within him were completely dashed in this instant.