Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4045

In this instant, Andre thought he had a desperate chance of survival, and without thinking, he nodded his head repeatedly and said offhandedly, “Mr. Wade, I am willing to join the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall!”

                Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and asked Guo Lei again, “Little Guo, are you interested in joining the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple?!”

                Guo Lei raised his head and said with a pious face, “Mr. Wade, I …… am too interested …… to join the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, it’s an honor for me!”

                Saying that, he hurriedly added in a fawning manner, “Mr. Wade, since you want to incorporate this group of ours, then I have a word to say, I don’t know if I should say it ……”

                Charlie wade saw his eyes slithering around, he knew that this grandson did not have good intentions, so he waved his hand and smiled cheerfully, “You can say anything!”

                Guo Lei became excited and said, “Mr. Wade, there is an old saying from our Chinese ancestors, “If you are not of my race, you will have different hearts. You have recruited these Italians today, so in order to prevent them from turning against you in the future, you must have someone you can trust to command, lead and supervise them. So you mustn’t let Andre be the head of the group anymore, otherwise you won’t be able to defend yourself if he tries to do something behind your back!”

                When Andrei heard this, he became furious and stared at Guo Lei, “Guo, what the hell do you mean by that?”

                Guo Lei didn’t pay any attention to him, but looked at Charlie wade and said with enthusiasm, “Mr. Wade, I have been in this Italian group for a long time, and I know every single one of them like the back of my hand, if you give this group to me to manage, I will definitely manage it for you in an orderly manner, and nothing will ever go wrong!”

                Charlie wade listened attentively and said with an admiring face, “Guo Lei, even at such a time you can seize the opportunity to climb up the ladder, I have to say, you really have a quick brain.”

                Guo Lei said in a flattering manner, “Mr. Wade, I have no other skills, but my brain is quite good, and I am loyal and faithful. If you trust me, I will do my best for you in the future!”

                When Andrei heard Guo Lei express his loyalty to Charlie wade so impatiently, his heart was suddenly in a panic.

                He was really afraid that Charlie wade would give his position to Guo Lei with a wave of his hand, in that case, he would not be able to get along in this group at all.

                So, he immediately pointed at Guo Lei and complained to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, you must not fall for this Guo’s trick, this B*****d is not a good person!”

                Charlie wade sneered, “You two are in the same group, you say he is not a good guy, as if you are a good guy yourself, Guo Lei only cheated me of a few hundred thousand in the casino, you are not satisfied after cheating me of a few million in cash, you still want me to lose my boat to you too, how do I look at it, it seems like you are a bit more bad.”

                Andre was speechless when he was said, to say that he had pitted Charlie wade’s money, it was indeed himself who had pitted it a bit harder, so he didn’t know how to reply for a while.

                At this time, Charlie wade spoke to the group of Italian group members, “Originally, I wanted to kill all of you trash, but considering that most of you have not offended me, I will not bother with you, from now on, Guo Lei is your new boss, you have to serve the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple with all your heart and soul, do you understand? “

                How dare the crowd say a word no, they all couldn’t wait to make their attitude clear.

                Charlie wade then looked at Andrei and said indifferently, “Andrei, you are a person who is just too black-hearted, if your heart wasn’t so black, you wouldn’t have put so many brothers in harm’s way, if you continue to be the boss, so many people following you will definitely have nothing good to do in the future.”

                Once Charlie wade said this, these people at the scene were deeply convinced.

                At this time, Guo Lei took advantage of the heat and said, “Brothers, what Mr. Wade said is so right! If it wasn’t for Andre’s black heart and his desire to eat up all of Mr. Wade’s a*sets, all of us wouldn’t have been held at gunpoint by the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple! It was all his fault!”