Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4038

                This needle was very thin and short, much smaller than a normal blood collection needle. Under normal circumstances, being stuck by this kind of needle would not hurt too much, but he felt that after this needle was inserted, an intense pain spread rapidly from this eye of the needle, and the feeling and intensity of the pain continued to rise.

                Wan Bajun said, “The tip of the needle may have a little bit of medicinal liquid, so you should already feel it a little bit now, but this medicinal liquid at the tip of the needle only accounts for one thousandth of the total amount of medicine, you can imagine what you will feel after I inject all this needle into your body, I tell you, at that time, every time you breathe, it will feel like you have sucked in a pile of broken gla*s!”

                The man instantly shouted in horror, “No, please don’t …… I’ll say …… I’ll say anything!”


                Ten minutes later.

                Several black business cars stopped in front of Auntie Li’s house, and a dozen black-clad men got out and joined Wan Breaking in the room, after which the crowd carried the dozen or so unconscious members of the Italian group into multiple cars respectively.

                Immediately afterwards, the two girls boarded one of the commercial vehicles under the escort of Wan Breaking Jun.

                Afterwards, these business cars, together with the four cars driven by the Italian Group members earlier, left Auntie Li’s house together and roared towards the pier.

                Auntie Li, who was still bewildered, was left behind at the villa, accompanied by three female generals from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons.


                In front of the Italian group’s casino, a dozen a*sorted vehicles were ready.

                Charlie wade was led by Andrei and got into his Rolls Royce.

                Andre was holding an Italian-made Beretta 92F pistol, the muzzle of which was always pointed at Charlie wade, and said with a proud face, “Mr. Wade, this gun is made in my homeland, Italy, and is one of the best pistols in this world. “

                Charlie wade rarely played the goose for once, and spoke against his will, “Andrei, you asked me to cooperate, then I’ll cooperate with you properly is all, the gun you’d better put away, lest it go off ……”

                When Andrei saw that he had wimped out, he even said with a smug look on his face, “This is our Italian-made pistol, the best of the best, it definitely won’t jam or go off!”

                Charlie wade sighed helplessly and said with a look of pity in his eyes, “I can see that you like this gun very much, then you must cherish the time you have it.”

                Andre listened in bewilderment, feeling that at first glance, Charlie wade’s words sounded as if there was nothing wrong, but when he thought about it carefully, it seemed that there was something that didn’t feel right.

                However, he didn’t think about it deeply.

                Because in his opinion, Charlie wade was now a big fish on his own chopping board, and he was already ready to cut down with a chopping knife, completely crushing his advantage.

                Therefore, it would not even occur to him that this fish might turn around and cut himself.

                Immediately afterwards, the convoy, too, roared off to the port terminal.

                At the same time, in the four corners of Vancouver, there were many other members of the Italian group who had temporarily received the news and hurriedly drove to the port.

                They had all received word that the boss had acquired a 15,000-tonne freighter, so they would have their own big freighter if they were to start smuggling again!

                This was a big leap of faith, and no other gang in Vancouver had such a big freighter.

                When the gang members heard about this, they were all very excited and couldn’t wait to go to the dock to have a look.

                However, little did they know that at this very moment, the freighter was all ready to depart and was just waiting for their special group of pa*sengers to board!