Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4036

                According to the plan, once they had Li Xiaofen in their possession, they would immediately drive the car to the pier, where they would rendezvous with the others and send all the women they had kidnapped onto a boat, heading directly for the high seas.

                At this moment, the window of the pa*senger side of the car at the head of the group was lowered, and a masked man with a special purple torch, shone it at the entrance of Auntie Li’s house, and sure enough, he saw his group’s specific markings on the pillar by the door, so he closed the window and said over the intercom, “Sam, you drive around to the back door, we’ll touch in at the same time, and make it quick! “

                A cry came over the intercom, “OK, I got it!”

                Then, the two cars behind suddenly turned around and left, going around the back of Auntie Li’s house.

                The man from before ordered over the intercom again, “Guys, this time we’re going in with a total of twelve people, Sam six of you will take the ground floor and six of us will take the second.”

                Sam’s voice came over the intercom again, “OK, I’ll take the ground floor.”

                The man at the head of the group continued, “Once we are inside the villa, Sam, two of you will guard the front door, two the back door, and the remaining two will check all the rooms on the ground floor, if anyone is there, immediately use a tranquiliser gun;”

                “The remaining six men will take charge of the first floor, two will guard the staircase entrance, the other three will join me and feel through all the rooms on the first floor from two directions, first put everyone down, then find our target and take them away!”

                “We must make it quick and try to solve it within ninety seconds!”

                Immediately afterwards, a total of twelve masked men got out of the four cars at the front and back doors, some armed with firearms, others with sticks and anaesthetic tools, and quietly approached Auntie Li’s villa.

                Inside the villa, most of the rooms were unlit, except for one bedroom on the first floor, which was still dimly lit in yellow.

                The division of labour was very clear and they each stuck to their roles, with six taking control of the ground floor and the other six going straight to the first floor without stopping.

                But just when they thought they had everything under control, the six men on the ground floor were suddenly taken over by a dark figure who appeared out of nowhere!

                The six men were all subdued without making a sound!

                The six men who had rushed up to the first floor also suffered the same fate.

                The two men left behind to guard the stairs were knocked unconscious by a blow to the back of the head as soon as they stood at the stairway.

                The other four had no idea what was going on behind them, so they split into two teams and began to search the rooms on the first floor one by one.

                But to their amazement, the bedrooms on the first floor were all empty, no one was there at all!

                The leader of the group exited the last room, met up with the other two and asked in a low voice, “Have you found the target?”

                The man shook his head and said, “No one in sight ……”

                “Strange ……” the man at the head frowned, “Maybe the person is in the basement, hurry down!”

                With that, he took the lead and rushed towards the stairs.

                Just before reaching the stairs, he saw two black shadows, he subconsciously said, “Don’t stand here, go to the basement!”

                As soon as the words left his mouth, the two black shadows suddenly attacked.

                The man at the head of the group only felt a streak pa*s by and he lost consciousness.

                Immediately afterwards, the dark figure who had attacked him dragged him down the stairs.

                The three men behind him had no idea what was happening in front of them and thought that their teammate in the lead had already gone downstairs. When the three of them came down the stairs and rushed to the ground floor, they saw several black shadows already standing on the ground floor.

                The three men suddenly realised that it was not their brothers who were standing in front of them, but seven or eight mysterious men dressed in black combat uniforms.

                As for their nine brethren, they were now lying in a row on the spacious living room floor!