Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4032

                Guo Lei stroked his chin and began to think in his heart, secretly saying, “Since the surnamed wade is leaving Canada tomorrow, then Li Xiaofen’s side, there is no need to continue dragging it out ……”

                “Moreover, if we make a move on Li Xiaofen tonight and send it directly to the port after we get it, we will be able to send it out to the high seas for delivery before dawn, otherwise, we will have to wait for another week.”

                Thinking of this, Guo Lei immediately instructed in a low voice, “Tonight, make your move as planned, you must do a crisp and clean job, and send it directly to the port dock after you get it!”

                “Yes!” The other party immediately said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Guo, we will do a good job tonight!”

                Guo Lei nodded in satisfaction and thought to himself, “If the man surnamed wade loses two million tonight, then if Li Xiaofen is selected for the auction, she may be able to earn another one or two million back, then I will have at least three or four hundred thousand dollars in my hands, and I will be able to get a f*cking Rolls Royce by then!”

                As he thought of this, an excited smile appeared on his face and he muttered, “They say that no man is rich without money and no horse is fat without gra*s. How the f*ck did I ever get to this point in my life without getting Claudia’s family killed? If I can build up some personal power in the group in a few years, then I’ll find a way to kill that B*****d Andrei too!”

                As he was feeling pleased with himself, he suddenly heard Andre shout, “Mr. Wade, you’ve lost all your chips, what else can you play with me?”

                Hearing this, Guo Lei couldn’t help but say, “Holy sh*t, you lost so quickly!”

                With that, he pushed the door into the room and asked with concern, “Boss, Mr. Wade, what’s wrong with you?”

                Andre’s expression had lost the compliment and politeness he had shown to Charlie wade just now, and had changed to an undisguised face of cannibalism as he said in a cold voice, “This Mr. Wade has lost all his chips, if he can’t get the money, then tonight’s gambling game will have to end early!”

                Charlie wade’s expression at this moment was no longer as calm and collected as it was a moment ago, as if losing two million so quickly had caught him off guard.

                Immediately afterwards, Charlie wade asked him, “You give me a bank account number, I’ll arrange for someone to make a call right now to exchange another two million chips!”

                Andre laughed shamefully, “Mr. Wade, which underground casino have you seen that dares to use a bank account to collect money? With such a large amount of money coming in, the Canadian National Revenue Agency is looking for me to collect taxes! That’s why we only accept cash here!”

                Hearing this, Charlie wade hesitated for a moment and said what most gamblers would say when they are at the end of their rope: “Can you lend me some cash? Or just lend me some chips?”

                “Borrow?” Andre asked with interest, “I wonder how much Mr. Wade intends to borrow?”

                Charlie wade held out two fingers and said with a bit of fire, “I want to borrow two million!”

                “Two million?!” André grunted contemptuously and said, “Mr. Wade, the first time we met, you want to borrow money from me, and the moment you ask for two million, isn’t that a bit too much? It’s fine if you can turn over your money if you lend it to you, but if you lose the money you borrowed from me as well, what will you pay me back with?”

                As he said that, Andre looked at Charlie wade and said with a smile, “Mr. Wade, you don’t have to say that I am unkind, we are open for business, everything has to follow the rules, since you want to borrow money from me, you have to give me a sufficient guarantee to make me sure that you can pay me back with interest before I can lend it to you!”

                Charlie wade gritted his teeth and said furiously, “You f*cking think I don’t have money? A mere two million is nothing in my eyes!”

                He immediately took out all the information about the boat he had bought from his bag and threw it in front of Andrei, saying coldly, “Open your eyes and show me clearly, this boat is worth 20 million, and that’s in US dollars! I’m using this ship as collateral, is that enough to lend you a mere two million?”