Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4025

Guo Lei took the cash that Charlie wade flung at him and was so happy that he immediately went to change a tray of chips for him.

                This time, he did not prepare a hundred chips for Charlie wade, the smallest denomination was a thousand Canadian dollars, and there were two thousand, five thousand and ten thousand.

                When he returned with the chips in his arms, he respectfully placed them in front of Charlie wade and said politely, “Mr. Wade, your chips, count them.”

                “No need.” Charlie wade didn’t even bother to look at it, and directly took out a 10,000 Canadian dollar chip from it and threw it to him, saying indifferently, “This is for you.”

                “Aigoo, thank you Mr. Wade, you’re really generous!”

                Guo Lei was flattered and accepted the chip, thanking him profusely with his mouth, but his heart was already overflowing with joy.

                Ignoring him, Charlie wade took out another 10,000 chips and placed it on the table, tapped the table top and said to the dealer, “Come on, deal the cards.”

                The dealer nodded and glanced at Guo Lei, seeing that Guo Lei had his arms wrapped around him and his right hand grasping his left upper arm, he knew that Guo Lei wanted Charlie wade to lose another hand, so he immediately moved his hand again while shuffling the cards.

                Guo Lei, at this point, had become the conductor of the entire gambling game.

                If he wanted Charlie wade to win, Charlie wade would win; if he wanted Charlie wade to lose, Charlie wade would win.

                If he wanted Charlie wade to lose, Charlie wade would definitely lose.

                Charlie wade was certainly very clear in his heart.

                But he did not care about it.

                Moreover, as he lost more and more money, he did not show any displeasure at all because of the loss.

                Guo Lei saw that Charlie wade was still unchanged after losing 300,000 Canadian dollars, so he knew that Charlie wade was indeed a man who was not short of money, otherwise, if he were an ordinary person, he would have been sweating and agitated after losing so much.

                Charlie wade saw the chips on the table getting smaller and smaller, and when there was finally five thousand chips left, he pushed all the chips in and said indifferently, “Come on, last hand.”

                The lottery official nodded his head and stole a glance at Guo Lei, seeing that Guo Lei was still grabbing his right arm with his left hand this time, he knew that he was still going to let Charlie wade lose this hand.

                He then dealt Charlie wade a very small hand.

                After the cards were opened, the dealer once again won Charlie wade by a slim margin without any doubt.

                At this time, Charlie wade stood up and said to Guo Lei, “Come on, I’m not playing anymore, I’m not in shape today.”

                Guo Lei hurriedly took out 10,000 chips and handed them to Charlie wade, saying with a smile, “Mr. Wade, why don’t you continue to play with this 10,000 Canadian dollars in chips for a couple of hands, you might still have a chance to turn around.”

                Charlie wade waved his hand and said indifferently, “I don’t want to play, it’s not much fun to play small and win back.”

                Saying that, he looked at Guo Lei and spoke, “How about this, tomorrow night is still the same time, I’ll prepare two million to come over.”

                When Guo Lei heard this, he was so excited that he could barely keep his mouth shut and quickly said, “Since Mr. Wade still wants to play tomorrow, I will still pick you up from Xiao Fen’s house tomorrow!”

                Charlie wade nodded and said blandly, “Still drive that Rolls Royce, I’m not used to riding in other cars.”

                “That’s for sure!” Guo Lei laughed without thinking, “Tomorrow night, I will make all the arrangements!”

                “Good.” Charlie wade stretched and said to Li Xiaofen and Claudia, “Don’t come with me tomorrow night, the environment here is really bad and the ventilation isn’t good, it’s not good for your health.”

                Claudia was confused.

                She didn’t understand why Charlie wade didn’t bring herself and Li Xiaofen tomorrow, if she didn’t bring the two of them over, what if Li Xiaofen was in danger?

                However, she could not ask this to her face, so she had to nod obediently.

                Li Xiaofen also felt that this place was particularly meaningless, and it hurt to see Charlie wade lose money.

                She wanted to advise Charlie wade not to come tomorrow, but on second thought, it seemed like Charlie wade had come here to lose money on purpose today, so she was also a bit confused about Charlie wade’s ruse, so she had no choice but to nod her head in agreement, just like Claudia.

                Immediately afterwards, Charlie wade instructed Guo Lei, “Send us back.”