Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4023

Soon, Guo Lei diligently brought Charlie wade a tray of flowery chips.

                The denominations of the chips started from one hundred Canadian dollars, and there were five hundred and one thousand higher.

                He handed the chips to Charlie wade and said with a smile, “Buddy, your chips!”

                Charlie wade nodded, waved his hand unconcernedly and said blandly, “You carry it on your end.”

                “I ……” Guo Lei was stunned, once again feeling a slight insult to his personality.

                But Charlie wade directly took out five $1,000 chips from it and stuffed them into Guo Lei’s pocket, saying casually, “Don’t worry, you won’t be allowed to end it for nothing.”

                Guo Lei’s expression was slightly stunned, and then he felt that this guy Charlie wade must be an old gambler who had been in the casino for years, and at first glance, he was generous, giving five thousand US dollars for a tip, which had never been seen in his own casino.

                So, Guo Lei immediately put on a flattering expression and said smilingly, “Aiya, thank you Mr. wade!”

                Guo Lei, who had received the money, became even more polite to Charlie wade, and even changed his address from buddy, to Mr. wade.

                Charlie wade gently waved his hand in response, so he picked up another pile of chips and kept holding them up and down in his hand, making a crisp plastic tapping sound, and said to Guo Lei, “Tell me about it, what are the fun items?”

                Guo Lei said with a smile, “I’m not going to lie to you, Mr. wade, we have everything here, including craps, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and Pai Gow, which is popular in North America, and Pai Gow, which is popular among Chinese.

                Guo Lei said, “If you want to play gold fry, I can also arrange it for you.”

                Charlie wade nodded and said, “Let’s play Pai Gow, I just like to play Pai Gow, it’s simple, effortless and not brain-dead.”

                Guo Lei hurriedly said, “Okay, this way please!”

                At the pai gow table, a European-faced dealer was sitting at the table on behalf of the casino, and there were three foreign players sitting next to him, who were having a good time at the moment.

                Guo Lei took a look at the table and saw that the man opposite the dealer only had a few thousand dollars in chips on the table, so he tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Get up and go play something else.”

                The man was about to get angry, but as soon as he saw that it was Guo Lei who was speaking, he immediately nodded resentfully and hurriedly gathered his chips and gave up his seat.

                Afterwards, Guo Lei politely said to Charlie wade, “Come, Mr. wade, you sit here.”

                Charlie wade nodded and sat straight down in that seat, then asked, “What are the rules?”

                Guo Lei said smilingly, “There are no special rules, the game is the same as in China, the minimum bet is one hundred dollars, and the venue takes 5% of the bets!”

                Charlie wade skimmed his lips and said, “5%, that’s dark enough.”

                Guo Lei laughed and said, “Since you’ve spoken, we must give you a discount, so we’ll give you a 2.5% discount on your draw!”

                Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and said indifferently, “That’s more like it, I don’t care about this small amount of money, but the minimum rules must be in place.”

                After saying that, he threw in a thousand dollars in chips and said indifferently, “Come, let’s begin.”

                Guo Lei, who was standing behind Charlie wade, took a step back without showing his face, and then gave a wink to the lottery official sitting at the dealer.

                The other party understood and immediately started dealing the cards.

                On the first hand, Charlie wade easily got a pair of heavenly cards and easily won a thousand dollars from the dealer.

                Seeing this, Charlie wade said with a smile, “Good luck today, it’s a good opening.”

                After saying that, he counted another three thousand chips, and with the capital and profit he had just made, he threw five thousand dollars down in one hand.

                This time, Charlie wade won again.

                After winning two hands in a row, Charlie wade looked in a good mood and threw a large handful of $100 chips to Guo Lei, saying, “Change them all to a thousand, a hundred is too small.”