Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4022

                Charlie wade and the two girls pushed the door and got out of the car, looked at the repair workshop, which was full of parts and covered with oil, and asked with a frown, “What is this place?”

                Guo Lei said, “Don’t worry, the field is at the back, this place is mainly used as a cover, follow me.”

                Charlie wade followed Guo Lei through the repair workshop and came to another room at the back.

                This room was not big, a round table was set up at the entrance, and four or five young men were sitting in front of the table playing poker, they were also the guards on sentry duty.

                When they saw Guo Lei coming, they stood up and greeted him respectfully.

                Guo Lei waved off his long hair in triumph and staggered in.

                In the room inside, there was a staircase leading down to the ground floor.

                Guo Lei pointed at the stairs and said with a smile, “The field is down here.”

                It was only when Charlie wade and the three of them followed him to the underground that they discovered that there was another cave inside.

                Once they got down the stairs, there was a hall of about one hundred and fifty to sixty square meters, with all kinds of gambling tables set up inside.

                In front of each table, there was a special dealer who dealt cards, but not every table had gamblers at it.

                Charlie wade took a look at the place and found that business was not good, half of the gambling tables had no customers, and at the other tables, there was only one person at least, and only three or five at most.

                So, Charlie wade frowned and said with a few spoiled words, “This place of yours, why are there so few people?”

                Hearing this, Guo Lei couldn’t help but feel a little embarra*sed.

                Recently, the casino’s business had been getting worse and worse, and there were indeed fewer and fewer people.

                However, he couldn’t let his timidity slip in front of Charlie wade, so he said with a smile, “We came a little early, many customers like to come over later to have fun.”

                Charlie wade said unabashedly, “I’ve played in so many casinos all over the world, no matter which country, the prime time for casinos is from 8pm to 12am, you’re still not serving customers after 9pm, so it’s obvious that business is not good.”

                The casinos with good business would have been full by this time, but here you are, I can see that there are even more youngsters standing guard outside than customers.”

                Upon hearing this, Guo Lei was even more embarra*sed.

                He saw that Charlie wade was carrying hundreds of thousands of cash in his hand, so he was afraid that if Charlie wade suddenly said that he was not going to play, then he would have worked for nothing tonight.

                Even if he was arrogant, he wouldn’t dare to kill people in the casino. If word got out, he wouldn’t be able to work in the casino in the future.

                So, he said to Charlie wade, “Buddy, I’m not going to lie to you, we mainly serve high net worth customers here, unlike other gang-run casinos where all the three religions and nine cla*ses are put in, this is also mainly to provide a comfortable and quiet atmosphere for high net worth customers.”

                With that, Guo Lei said with a flattering face, “Buddy, you’ve come all the way over here, not only are you a relative of Fanny, but you’re also a domestic compatriot, so you’re a VIP customer here with me, so I’ll personally serve you tonight and make sure you have a good time and enjoy yourself here!”

                Immediately afterwards, Guo Lei greeted a junior and ordered with a bold face, “Go, get this gentleman 10,000 yuan in chips and put it on my account.”

                After saying that, he said to Charlie wade with a smile, “Buddy, I’ll personally pay out of my pocket and give you 10,000 chips to play around with and try your luck!”

                To the casino, the chips given out in front are the bait, they have 10,000 ways to win back the chips given out, and then lure the customers to pay out their real money.

                Charlie wade smiled at this point and said blandly, “I, Charlie wade, have gambled from the south to the north and from the east to the west, although I have lost more than I won, I have never taken someone else’s chips off the table, I can’t afford to lose that person!”

                After saying that, he directly took out ten bundles of cash from the plastic bag and threw them directly into Guo Lei’s arms, saying indifferently, “Go, change me one hundred thousand chips first.”

                Faced with the hundred thousand Canadian dollars in cash suddenly thrown at him, Guo Lei woefully embraced his left and right before he could hold the hundred thousand Canadian dollars firmly in his arms.

                At this moment, he felt the shame of being called on by Charlie wade and could not help but curse in his heart, “D*mn, this little B*****d is quite f*cking arrogant, I am not a casino boy, how dare you f*cking ask me to exchange chips for you?”

                But then he thought, “I’ve got $100,000 in my pocket! Maybe I can get this guy’s pocket full of money tonight! This is a big deal …… temper must be controlled ……”

                So, the fire in his heart dissipated again instantly, and that shame was thrown away to the sky.

                He secretly said in his heart, “This dude looks like a master who is not bad with money, I guess he used to gamble in other places and was served like a master, he has long been used to this way of calling on others, forget it, I will serve him today, who the hell has a problem with money ……”

                Thinking of this, he immediately said with a smile, “Okay buddy, wait, I’m going to change your chips!”