Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4015

Hearing Charlie wade’s words, Wan Bajun was busy asking, “Mr. Wade, are you going to take on any organisation?”

                “Right.” Charlie wade didn’t hide anything and said indifferently, “There is a small group that has harmed Heaven and Earth, I want to root them out, but it is not quite appropriate to kill them all, so why not send them to your place as a free labourer, with tens of thousands of generals from the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall guarding them, they will definitely not be able to escape in their lifetime.”

                Wan Breaking Jun immediately said, “Mr. Wade, do you need the cooperation of your subordinates?”

                Charlie wade thought about it and said, “Yes, you should arrange for another group of soldiers to come over, preferably with more people, around two hundred, and just arrive in Vancouver in thirty hours, that is, before tomorrow night.”

                Wan Bajun said, “No problem Mr. Wade, thirty hours is enough, I’ll arrange the men and have them leave as soon as possible.”

                “Good.” Charlie wade said with satisfaction, “That’s it then, I’ll communicate with you if there’s a need.”

                After saying that, Charlie wade hung up Wan Bajun’s phone and then called He Zhiqiu(Ziva) who was far away in China.

                At this time, it was just morning in China, and when He Zhiqiu(Ziva) received Charlie wade’s call, he immediately asked respectfully, “Mr. Wade, are you calling me so early? Do you have any orders?”

                Charlie wade got straight to the point and said, “Zhiqiu(Ziva), please help me see if there are any suitable cargo ships in the Vancouver port, the price should not be too expensive, around ten to twenty million dollars, preferably one that can be traded at any time.

                Although He Zhiqiu(Ziva) was unsure, he immediately agreed and said, “Don’t worry Mr. Wade, I’ll make the arrangements, second-hand ships are easy to find, we should be able to find a suitable one soon.”

                “Good.” Charlie wade said, “Let me know in time when there is progress.”

                After saying that, he hung up the phone and walked back to the convenience store with a smile on his face.

                At this moment, Li Xiaofen still did not know what Charlie wade had just talked about with Claudia, not to mention that it was actually herself who was in real danger, so she was still immersed in the excitement of Charlie wade’s willingness to help Claudia take revenge.

                Li Xiaofen knew very well in her heart that with Charlie wade’s strength and background, it would be no problem to deal with such a small Italian group.

                But Claudia was more or less worried in her heart.

                What she feared most was that Charlie wade would have to be a hero, and if things got out of hand, he would not only harm himself, but also Li Xiaofen.

                Therefore, she wanted to find another opportunity to persuade Charlie wade to leave Canada with Li Xiaofen as soon as possible.

                But what she didn’t expect was that the first thing Charlie wade said when he came in was to say directly to her, “Claudia, call that Guo Lei and tell him that I have an itch to play a couple of games, and ask him to pick me up from Auntie Li’s house at nine o’clock tonight.”

                Claudia asked with a shocked look on her face, “Nine o’clock at night? What about Sister Fanny?”

                Charlie wade laughed, “Of course she’s coming with me.”

                Hearing this, Li Xiaofen was confused and asked in confusion, “Brother Charlie wade, what do you want to play? Why are you looking for that Guo Lei?”

                Charlie wade laughed, “Don’t they run a casino? I want to go over and play a couple of games, idle as it is.”

                Li Xiaofen asked suspiciously, “Brother Charlie wade, when did you get hooked on gambling?”

                “Nope.” Charlie wade laughed, “I just want to go and find out what they are up to! When the time comes, you will accompany me there.”

                Li Xiaofen suddenly realized and nodded her head, “Okay! I’ll go with you then!”

                Claudia was very nervous, she didn’t expect that Charlie wade would not only go to the casino managed by Guo Lei to gamble, but even take Li Xiaofen with him, wasn’t that like entering a tiger’s mouth?

                Charlie wade also knew what she was worried about, so he smiled and said, “Claudia, me going to their casino to gamble is the same intention as you reentering here alone, sometimes the most dangerous place is the safest instead.”

                Claudia was instantly enlightened.

                So without further hesitation, she nodded and said, “Then I’ll give him a call here ……”


                At this very moment.

                The ground floor of an Italian restaurant on George Street.