Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4014

                After saying that, Charlie wade asked, “This gang, apart from doing these harmful things, what other business do they do?”

                Claudia said, “Apart from these, they also run several bars, hotels, and quite a few establishments with rubbish services, in addition to that, they also run several underground casinos.”

                Charlie wade nodded and asked her, “If I want to go to their casinos to play a couple of games, who should I ask?”

                Claudia asked awkwardly, “Mr. Wade …… you’re not kidding me are you ……”

                Charlie wade laughed, “Of course not.”

                Claudia thought Charlie wade was hitting on the other party’s casino and said seriously, “The casino is one of their main sources of income, there are many people guarding there and they are all loaded with guns to prevent blackmail, you must not hit on there ……”

                Charlie wade waved his hand, “I don’t mean anything else, I simply want to go play a couple of games and lose some money to them by the way.”

                Saying that, Charlie wade couldn’t help but sigh: “This place in Canada is just too far away, and it takes time for me to mobilize my troops, if I can delay them for a day, I can also have more time to prepare.”

                Claudia thought for a moment and spoke, “If you really want to go play a couple of games, I’ll just ask Guo Lei, he’d love to get some more people to play a couple of games at their casino.”

                Charlie wade snapped his fingers and smiled, “Beautiful! Wait for me, I’ll go make a call.”

                Saying that, Charlie wade turned around and walked out of the convenience store.

                Li Xiaofen was carrying a pancake fruit at this moment, standing at the doorway and waiting anxiously.

                Seeing Charlie wade come out, she hurriedly stepped forward and asked after him with concern, “Brother Charlie wade, how did you and Claudia talk?”

                Charlie wade smiled, “Almost done, where’s the pancake fruit I wanted?”

                Li Xiaofen raised her hand and handed the food bag in her hand to Charlie wade, “Here, it’s done, Brother Charlie wade, can you help Claudia?”

                Charlie wade nodded and said indifferently, “Of course I can, is this small matter still a matter for your brother Charlie wade? “

                Hearing this, Li Xiaofen became excited and hugged Charlie wade and said excitedly, “That’s really great Brother Charlie wade!”

                Charlie wade patted her back and said with a smile, “You go inside first and get busy, I’ll make a phone call.”

                “Okay!” Li Xiaofen nodded and hurriedly went back to the convenience store with gusto.

                Charlie wade, on the other hand, took the pancake fruit out of the bag and took a bite, while taking out his mobile phone again and called Wan Breaking Jun.

                As soon as the call came through, Wan Bajun on the other side said, “Mr. Wade, the twenty female soldiers I sent to the United States have already departed three hours ago, and I have also sent another twenty-member special operation team to Canada, which is expected to arrive in ten hours in case you need someone in Canada.”

                Charlie wade couldn’t help but praise, “Broken Jun, I didn’t expect you to be so meticulous.”

                Wan Bajun said, “Mr. Wade, this is all I should do.”

                Charlie wade smiled faintly and spoke, “The Ten Thousand Dragon Hall should be very short of manpower now that the base is being built, right?”

                Wan Bajun said, “I’m not going to lie to you, Mr. Wade, the overall workload of building a permanent base is very heavy, and the soldiers have to train on top of their daily missions and holidays, so I can’t mobilize too many soldiers to participate in the construction work, so there is indeed a shortage of manpower.”

                Charlie wade then said, “It just so happens that I have just found 700 to 800 quality labourers in Canada, I plan to find an opportunity to send them to you in one pot!”