Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 4006

                The others were still wondering why Li Hao Yang had made a move against Huang Xingyu, but when they saw this scene, they all subconsciously thought that it was probably because Li Hao Yang had been bullied too hard by Huang Xingyu in his daily life, and he had suddenly exploded in emotion and lost his mind.

                Now that his emotions had faded and his sanity had returned, he realised that he had made a big mistake.

                When he thought about it, he felt that the whole thing had become reasonable.

                Even Li Hao Yang himself thought that he had lost his mind because he was so angry.

                What he was most worried about now was how this matter should end, if Huang Xingyu was unwilling to let go of himself after he woke up, then he would really be finished ……

                The most important thing now is to get her to the hospital, otherwise if anything happens to her, your life will be over!”

                Only then did Li Hao Yang come back to his senses and said in a panic, “Yes! Yes! Take her to the hospital! We have to get to the hospital! Call the emergency number!”

                Just as he finished, he shook his head and said to himself, “No! The ambulance is too slow, in case something happens it will be a problem …… General Hospital is not far from here, I will take a taxi to take her there!”

                After saying that, he hurriedly hugged Huang Xingyu, and then ran out of the room, lost in thought.

                The two followers were still standing dumbfounded when Charlie wade saw them, so he said, “Why are you two still standing still? Why don’t you hurry up and follow.”

                Only then did the two of them come back to their senses, looked at each other, and hurriedly grabbed the door and went after them.

                Li Xiaofen then let out a long breath and sighed, “It’s true that evil has its own way …… I think that Huang Xingyu won’t be able to leave the hospital for the next ten to twenty days ……”

                Charlie wade nodded and said casually, “I just used her phone to send a short video, I guess for a long time to come, she won’t have the face to come out even if she’s healed.”

                Li Xiaofen couldn’t help but laugh out loud and said offhandedly, “Brother Charlie wade, you’re so bad ……”

                Saying that, she couldn’t help but feel, “It seems that that Li Haoyang, who wasn’t bullied by that Huang Xingyu a lot during the day, has completely lost his mind as a whole ……”

                “Yeah.” Charlie wade nodded and smiled faintly, hiding his merits and reputation deeply.

                This time, he didn’t give Li Haoyang a thorough psychological implication directly like he had done to Wu Qi before.

                This time, in order not to show any traces, he deliberately used his aura to first give Li Haoyang a much milder psychological suggestion compared to Wu Qi, and after successfully making him lose his mind, he used two more psychological suggestions in a row to bring his mind back.

                In this way, the sensation given to others as well as Li Hao Yang himself was that he had lost his mind in a moment of excitement and hurt someone with pa*sion.

                For Charlie wade, this was a new way of playing with an aura of light.

                Claudia said at this time with a grateful face, “Thank you Sister Fanny and thank you Mr. Wade ……”

                Li Xiaofen laughed, “If you want to thank, thank that Li Haoyang.”

                Claudia bowed slightly to the two and then said to Li Xiaofen, “Sister Xiaofen, I’ll go and get busy at the back.”

                Li Xiaofen then said, “Take a break, or you can guard the register for me for a while while I go to the back to clean up.”

                Claudia said, “I’d better go.”

                After saying that, without waiting for Li Xiaofen to say anything, she turned around and went to the small storage room at the back of the convenience store.

                Charlie wade looked at Claudia’s back, and in his heart, he became a little more curious about this girl.

                At the same time, he took out his own mobile phone and looked down at it.

                He had a hunch that the mysterious person, might send himself another message soon.

                Sure enough, just under two minutes later, he received a message from the mystery man, which consisted of only eight words: “Get her out of Canada!”