Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3977

For ordinary people, getting the contact details of a top tycoon like Lord wade is basically as difficult as heaven.

                However, for An Chongqiu, it was not difficult to find out Lord wade’s contact details.

                Soon, he got Lord wade’s mobile phone number.

                Immediately afterwards, he did not hesitate to call Lord wade.

                At this moment, Lord wade was chatting with Charlie wade, when the phone rang, he picked it up and looked at it, and found that it was an American number, so he could not help but frown and said to Charlie wade, “Charlie, I’ll take a call.”

                Charlie wade nodded and made a gesture of please.

                Lord wade picked up the phone and spoke, “Hello, who is it?”

                On the other end of the phone, An Chongqiu said with a smile, “Hello Uncle Wade!”

                Lord wade was instantly puzzled, an unfamiliar number called, and the moment it came up, he called himself Uncle Wade, was it the child of some deceased person?

                As he was surprised, he suddenly felt that the other party’s voice sounded somewhat familiar.

                It felt as if it was the same man who had been expelled by Jasmine at the auction today.

                Thinking of this, he hurriedly made a gesture to Charlie wade, and the gesture gestured only three words: An Chongqiu.

                With that, he turned on the speaker while asking, “Which one are you?”

                An Chongqiu said humbly, “Uncle Wade, I’m An Chongqiu, An Chengqiu is my real sister.”

                “Ah?” Lord wade asked in mock surprise, “You …… you are Chengqi’s brother?”

                “Right.” An Chongqiu was busy saying, “We are five siblings in total, and I am the second in line.”

                Lord wade suddenly realized, “So that’s how …… you got my phone number?”

                An Chongqiu explained, “I asked someone to find out your phone number, so I called you.

                “It’s fine, it’s fine.” Lord wade sighed, “After all, Chengqing is our wade family’s daughter-in-law, and you are her brother, so you are our wade family’s relative, so there is no need to be so polite with me.”

                If Lord wade had said these words to the An family before today, he would have been scoffed at by the An family.

                This was because apart from An Chengqi, the rest of the An family did not consider the wade family as relatives at all.

                At the beginning, Lord wade, as an elder, took the initiative to get close to Charlie wade’s second uncle at the Swedish summit, and was even disliked, so it could be seen that the An family really did not despise the wade family.

                However, An Chongqiu now had a request from Lord wade, so when he heard Lord wade’s words, he was suddenly relieved in his heart.

                He felt that the wade family’s senior, indeed, still gave face to the An family.

                This also made him relax a lot, so he said over the phone, “Uncle Wade, you’re right, our two families are already relatives, but we haven’t had much contact over the years, so we should still have more contact when we have the chance in the future.”

                “Yes, yes, yes.” Lord wade was also an old fox, and naturally he would not lose out to anyone, so he said politely, “Chongqiu, you suddenly called my phone to contact me, you must have something to do, we are all family, so let’s not be so polite, just say what it is.”

                An Chongqiu said with a smile, “Uncle Wade is really a straightforward person, then I won’t be polite with you!”

                He said, “Uncle Wade, I heard that the wade family was also involved in the Spring Return Pill auction in Aurous Hill, and I also heard that you were the guest of honour at the auction, is that true?”

                Lord wade said with a smile, “Only so, what’s wrong? You are interested in this auction too?”

                An Chongqiu said, “Uncle Wade, I’m not going to lie to you, I want to ask you to help me by introducing the owner of the Spring Return Pill, I want to ask him for a Spring Return Pill, the price and everything is fine, do you think it’s convenient?”