Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3975

Although these three VIPs today did not dare to expect to receive the Spring Return Pill presented by Charlie wade when they attended the auction this time, to Charlie wade, since he had invited them over, how could he really let them make a trip for nothing.

                A Spring Return Pill was divided into three parts, with Grandpa getting half and Old Mr. Lai(Exoer) and the Old Queen getting a quarter each, which seemed to him to be a more reasonable way to distribute it.

                Among these three, Grandpa Lord wade was the only one who hadn’t taken the Spring Return Pill yet.

                Lord wade was not too old yet, and half a Spring Return Pill would be able to improve him greatly.

                Moreover, Charlie wade himself had kept a hand in it, if he gave his grandfather one at a time, in case the old man’s ambition from his youth came together and he wanted to regain control of the Wade family again, he would definitely become a problem for himself at that time.

                Give him half a pill at a time, so that he will eat the marrow and crave for the Spring Return Pill more in the future, and will be able to cooperate more with himself in the Wade family.

                After all, although he had effectively taken over the Wade family, the Wade family’s heirs were mostly crotchety, and many matters still needed to be done by the old empress himself.

                As for Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) and the Old Empress, it was purely out of favour. They had helped to promote the Spring Return Pill and it was only right that they should show their appreciation.

                Fearing that the night would be too long, the Old Queen took the Pill without hesitation.

                She had just recovered from a critical illness some time ago and her body was relatively weak, so she couldn’t wait to use the Pill to improve it.

                After she had taken the elixir, she felt a sense of well-being and strength all over her body, and was able to regain the state she was in four or five years ago.

                Originally, Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) wanted to keep this Spring Return Pill in case there was any need for it in the future.

                However, seeing that the old queen had taken it, she was too embarra*sed to keep the Spring Return Pill and take it with her.

                After all, Charlie wade’s own uncle wanted to spend more than 300 billion yuan to take away a Spring Return Pill, but Charlie wade did not agree, so it would be inappropriate for him to take away this Spring Return Pill.

                So, he also put a quarter of this Spring Return Pill into his mouth in front of Charlie wade.

                Although taking the Spring Return Pill this time was not as shocking as taking a whole one last time, it still made him feel visibly that his body had become much younger than the last.

                The two men were grateful to Charlie wade, and after Charlie wade had made a few polite remarks, he opened up for everyone to eat.

                The meal was a joyful one for all the guests.

                After the meal, after sending the three back to the administration building, Charlie wade said to Lord wade, “Grandpa, I have something I want to ask you for advice, why don’t we go to your room for a chat.”

                “Sure!” Lord wade agreed readily, and after bidding farewell to the other two, he led Charlie wade to the room where he lived.

                As the grandfather and grandson sat opposite each other on the sofa, Charlie wade asked him, “Grandpa, do you know the number 99 who was thrown out at the auction today?”

                Lord wade said, “No, I don’t know him, what’s wrong?”

                Lord wade was impressed by that person because that guy had scared him so much when he opened his mouth and asked for US$370 billion.

                However, he didn’t know what exactly that person’s origin was.

                Charlie wade asked him at this time, “I asked the others and they said that that person was my great uncle, An Chongqiu.”

                “An Chongqiu? Surprisingly, it was him ……” Lord wade’s eyes widened and he did not come back from the shock for a long time.

                Charlie wade opened his mouth and asked, “You don’t know him?”

                Lord wade smiled sarcastically, “Your grandfather’s family was quite displeased with our Wade family back then, and when your mother married here, no one from her mother’s family even came, so I had never met your uncles before, except for your second uncle An Kaifeng, whom I met at a summit in Sweden some years ago. Later, I thought of getting close to him and paying him a visit, but it turned out that he was still unwilling to see me.”

                Charlie wade laughed and said, “It seems that the An family really doesn’t look up to those surnamed Wade.”

                Lord wade laughed at himself and said, “He doesn’t think much of me, but he said at the time that of all the people surnamed Wade, he only recognises you.”