Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3971

At this moment in time, New York, USA.

                It is mid-morning in Manhattan, the financial centre of every inch of land.

                In a conference room on the top floor of a dozens-storey skyscraper, an old man in his seventies is swearing at seven or eight people.

                I can’t f*cking understand why a man who was admitted to hospital just disappeared! They’re all a bunch of f*cking losers! They’re a bunch of f*cking losers!”

                The one who spoke was Garet’s eldest son, Flynn Shanhai.

                A few hours ago, he had announced to his father on the phone that he had been crowned the new emperor, and his words were provocative, in order to give Garet a little more excitement, so that his already shaky body could collapse as soon as possible.

                Knowing his father, this phone call would definitely deal him a huge blow, and might even kill him outright.

                Therefore, Flynn Shanhai has been having people keep an eye on every move in Aurous Hill.

                And at today’s auction, there were undercover agents he had sent to the auction.

                After the auction was over, the undercover agent returned to his room and immediately reported the news to him. After learning that the Spring Return Pill could indeed bring back the dead, Flynn Shanhai was for a moment very glad that he had made the decision to usurp the throne.

                The reason was that once the old man succeeded in obtaining the Spring Return Pill, it was estimated that he would be able to live at least another ten to twenty years in the future.

                In that case, he was afraid that the old man would have boiled him to death.

                Moreover, the people at the auction had also said that the old master ended up in serious condition and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, so Flynn Shanhai immediately arranged for his spies in Aurous Hill to go to the hospital to check on the old master’s current condition.

                He wanted to know whether he had died or was being resuscitated.

                If he was being resuscitated, he wanted to know even more how long the old man’s physical condition could sustain him.

                For him, since he was usurping the throne, there was always some apprehension and anxiety in his heart.

                If he wanted to sleep soundly after today, he would have to wait until the old man died before the dust could settle.

                As long as the old man was still alive, he would not be able to rest easy.

                However, his men in Aurous Hill soon gave him the shocking news that his father had disappeared from Aurous Hill Central Hospital!

                The hospital records showed that an American Chinese named Garet had indeed been admitted to the hospital for resuscitation due to a sudden coma.

                However, the elderly gentleman soon regained consciousness after being treated by the doctors.

                Immediately afterwards, he suddenly disappeared from the ward and no one knew where he had gone.

                Flynn Shanhai’s men managed to get the surveillance of the entire hospital and discovered that it was Yuan Zixu who had destroyed several surveillance probes along the way and disappeared with Garet and Phoebe into the blind spot of the surveillance.

                After that, the three of them disappeared into thin air, and no clues could be found.

                This news made Flynn Shanhai furious!

                That was why there was the scene just now when he lashed out at a pa*sel of his men.

                At this moment, his beloved belly, Ma Hansheng, a military advisor who had been a*sisting him for almost forty years, spoke up, “Young master, Yuan Zixu is a seven-star martial artist with superb strength, with him around, it is really a bit difficult for us to find clues about the old master and Miss Phoebe, not to mention that our main forces are in the United States and there are only some eyes in Aurous Hill, they are not strong enough and understaffed over there, so it is difficult to figure out what’s going on over there.”

                Flynn Shanhai nodded and said through gritted teeth, “This Yuan Zixu is also a bit insensitive to the times, what good can he do if he is still with the old man? Why don’t you hurry up and give up the darkness and turn to the light!”

                Ma Hansheng hurriedly said, “Young master, in my opinion, the most urgent task now is to send a group of competent men over, and no matter what, we must first find the old master and Miss Phoebe.”