Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3970

                Garet was filled with horror and said offhandedly, “How is this …… possible? How could the young master of the titled Wade family, the grandson of the An family, marry a girl from such a poor family?”

                Phoebe said, “I am not too sure what exactly is going on here, but Charlie wade has never revealed his true identity to his wife, and his wife’s family does not know his true identity, and has always thought that he is just a door-to-door son-in-law who comes from an orphan.”

                Garet pondered for a moment and spoke, “Between a husband and wife, it is surprising that they can conceal such a big matter, so I guess the foundation of their relationship is not strong enough, and sooner or later, they will have to divorce.”

                Phoebe said awkwardly, “I don’t know about this ……”

                Garet sighed lightly and said to Phoebe: “Phoebe, now the Flynn family has this huge change, if there is not a powerful external force intervening, your eldest uncle’s position is already untouchable, when I die, he will not be merciful to you either, Young Master Wade, is your only chance to turn the tide ah ……”

                Speaking of this, Garet had one more sentence that he did not say out loud.

                In his opinion, Charlie wade was not only Phoebe’s only chance to turn the tables, but also his own.

                Charlie wade’s Spring Return Pill was outstandingly effective, and even if he could get half of it, he would be able to live longer.

                If Phoebe could really develop something with Charlie wade, the time would come for both grandparents and grandsons to turn the tide against the wind.

                It’s not that Garet is so utilitarian, but when a person reaches such a desperate situation, he is naturally unwilling to resign himself to his fate, and as long as he still has a breath left, he will make turning the tide his biggest goal for the rest of his life.

                Phoebe naturally knew this too.

When a wise man is in trouble, the first thing he thinks of is not self-hatred or self-loathing, but how to find a way to break the situation in a crisis.

                Phoebe also knows very well that after her grandfather was usurped by her eldest uncle, she is already in a dilemma.

                If she did not go to the Middle East with him today, then Uncle would have to ask her about his whereabouts, and her conscience would not allow her to sell him out for profit.

                And now that she has followed her grandfather to the Middle East, it is equally difficult for her to ride the tiger.

                Since she had gone to the Middle East, she must be an accomplice and an enemy in the eyes of her eldest uncle.

                If he can’t find her now, she can live with herself, but what will she do if her grandfather dies in a year or two?

                Should she continue to hide, or should she just take her grandfather’s body back to America?

                The former would be a shame and she would not want to choose, but the latter would be too risky and she would probably be controlled by her uncle as soon as she arrived in America.

                Therefore, Phoebe felt that her future was also in the shade.

                In this situation, the only way she could think of to break the situation was Charlie wade.

                Unfortunately, Charlie wade didn’t have any intention of helping.

                Thinking of this, she smiled bitterly and said, “Grandpa, there is no point in talking about this now, not to mention that Young Master Wade is already married, even if he is not, I am in the Middle East, it is very difficult for me to have any chance in having any more encounters with him.”

                Garet also said with disappointment, “Ai! This trip to the Middle East, I still don’t know if I can live to see the day I leave ……”