Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3968

                Phoebe nodded and said, “Thank you, Miss Banks.”

                Xion nodded slightly and said, “For your safety and Mr. Flynn’s, our living area on the ship is completely separated from the general crew, so if you and Mr. Flynn need to come on deck, please let me know in advance and I will inform the crew to stay away for a while.”

                Phoebe said gratefully, “Thank you Miss Banks, you are really too thoughtful!”

                “As it should be.” Xion smiled and said, “The three of you please follow me to the cabin, the rooms are all ready for you.”

                This cargo ship that He Zhiqiu(Ziva) had sent to Syria was 100,000 tons in size, and the cargo ship was huge, and the living area inside was very ample, so it was enough to arrange a room for each of the three.

                Xion asked the two young males from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons to arrange Garet and Yuan Zixu into their rooms, while he himself took Phoebe to the room prepared for her.

                As soon as she entered the room, Xion closed the door behind her and pointed to the three huge duffel bags in the room and said to Phoebe, “Miss Flynn, Mr Ye explained that I had prepared some daily necessities for you, and I didn’t know which brands you usually use, so I bought the best brands that I could get in Aurous Hill as much as possible.”

                As she said that, she opened one of the backpacks, which was almost full of daily cosmetics for women. In addition to that, she had also thoughtfully prepared electric toothbrushes, towels, bath towels and small items such as combs and hair cards.

                Phoebe said gratefully, “Thank you so much Miss Banks, I didn’t expect you to be so attentive ……”

                Xion smiled, “It’s mainly because Mr. Wade ordered it, he said that you are a grand lady, you must be pampered in your daily life, suddenly you have to take such a long ride on a cargo ship, afraid that you might not adapt.”

                Saying that, she opened another backpack, which contained some changes of clothes, mainly T-shirts, casual trousers and some new underwear.

                Xion explained to Phoebe, “Miss Flynn, the weather is now approaching summer, the weather in the south is already similar to summer, and we are crossing the Indian Ocean, the temperature is even higher, so I have prepared some summer clothes for you, as for the underwear, the size may be a bit unsure, if it does not fit, you tell me, I will arrange for someone to prepare it in Singapore when we arrive in Singapore. I will arrange for someone to prepare them in Singapore and then send them to the ship by helicopter when we arrive in Singapore.”

                Phoebe was so moved that she choked up a little.

                In the past, the people around her had been so unfailingly attentive to her, but that was because she was still the eldest Miss of the Flynn family.

                Now she had fallen on hard times, but the fact that Charlie wade’s men could still be so considerate and polite to her really touched her beyond measure.

                Xion then opened the third bag again and said softly, “Miss Flynn, in addition to underwear, there are also some sanitary napkins and tampons in here, because our route is only twenty days, so I have prepared a dosage for you for more than a week, which should be enough.”

                I have already communicated with Wan Jun about the Syrian side, but he said that the tents used by Wan Long Temple are the best field tents in the world, with electricity and water supply, separate toilets, showers and air-conditioning facilities. He has already started coordinating a batch of high-end custom-made boarding houses from China, so the conditions will be improved some more when the time comes.”

                Phoebe said hastily, “It doesn’t matter, I can accept whatever the conditions are.”

                She then asked, somewhat embarra*sed, “By the way, Miss Banks, may I take the liberty of asking how the medical conditions are over there? I’m not worried about anything else, I’m just worried about my grandfather, he’s old and has suffered a lot of stimulation, I’m afraid something might happen to his health.”

                Xion smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry about that, the Wan Long Temple has a medical team of its own, and has already built a temporary field hospital, along with a resuscitation room and an operating room, it will definitely be able to provide your grandfather with very good medical care.”

                “That would be great!” Phoebe put her heart down completely and spoke, “Please ask Miss Banks to convey Mr. Wade’s great kindness to me, Phoebe will never forget his great kindness!”

                “Okay.” Xion nodded and spoke, “Miss Flynn, it’s getting late, you should rest early, my room is on your right hand side, your grandfather’s room is on your left hand side, if you need anything, feel free to contact me.”

                With that, she took out a walkie-talkie and handed it to Phoebe, “Miss Flynn, this encrypted walkie-talkie can only contact me on the ship, keep it and call me anytime if there are any problems!”