Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3967

In the night, Phoebe, Garet and Yuan Zixu, led by several generals from the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, boarded a helicopter and flew to the port of Haicheng.

                At that moment, a cargo ship full of tens of thousands of tons of grain had already lifted its anchor from the port of Haicheng and slowly left the port.

                The ship’s crew, all the most trusted members of the Isuzu Line, had received orders to set sail overnight, while a group of pa*sengers would be boarding at sea.

                However, even though these men were trustworthy, He Zhiqiu(Ziva) still told them not to have any active contact with the pa*sengers, thus ensuring that they remained ignorant of them.

                After the cargo ship left the brightly lit harbour and sailed into the darkness of the sea, two helicopters arrived one after the other and caught up with the ship in the middle of the sea, landing one after another on the deck of the ship.

                The first helicopter came down with Xion and a number of soldiers from the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple she had led.

                This time, most of the ones Xion had brought with her were female members of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

                Each member of the team was carrying a huge combat bag, filled with not only various weapons and equipment, but also many household items.

                After the crowd disembarked from the plane in an orderly manner, they began to divide and block the living quarters with the cooperation of the captain.

                Xion then asked all the staff to leave the deck, and immediately afterwards, a second helicopter slowly landed on the deck.

                When the aircraft stopped, Phoebe was the first to step out of the aircraft, followed by Yuan Zixu, who helped Garet to step down as well.

                Xion walked up and said politely, “It’s Miss Flynn, isn’t it? My name is Xion, Mr. Wade asked me to escort you and Mr. Flynn to Syria.”

                Phoebe asked in surprise, “Xion?! Miss Banks can’t be the same Xion that …… Japan searched the country for before ……”

                Xion smiled faintly and nodded, “That’s right, it’s me.”

                Xion’s great name was known all over the world after that time in Japan.

                Previously, the Japanese side had been searching for her whereabouts, and was looking for her alive and dead.

                But unexpectedly, after Xion had disappeared for a while, she suddenly announced that she had joined the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

                When the Japanese side heard that she had joined the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, they almost immediately gave up the manhunt for her.

                They had seen Xion’s destructive power with their own eyes, when she had turned the whole of Tokyo into a mess.

                Now that she had joined the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, she was tantamount to having a powerful backer, and under such circumstances, the Japanese did not want to touch this bad luck again.

                Therefore, instructions had been given within the Japanese Police Department that as long as Xion did not come to Japan, the Japanese side would no longer pursue her.

                Phoebe did not expect that she would meet the famous Xion here, and she was even one of Charlie wade’s men.

                Moreover, when Charlie wade deliberately broke the fierce news that the old man of the Banks family had betrayed his own granddaughter to the Japanese, the whole world knew that Xion was the illegitimate daughter of the Banks family, and that the illegitimate daughter of the Banks family had become Charlie wade’s subordinate, which made Phoebe even more surprised.

                Before Charlie wade took Xion, the Banks family was bound to come out to block it out of face, but the situation at hand was enough to see that the Banks family didn’t seem to have any temper even before Charlie wade.

                From this, she could even deduce that the Banks family had probably been completely subdued by Charlie wade long ago as well.

                She could not help but sigh in her heart at the strength of Charlie wade, who was constantly overturning her own guesses and perceptions.

                However, surprised as she was, Phoebe quickly adjusted and took the initiative to extend her hand to Xion and said politely, “Hello Miss Banks, I have heard a lot about you, I have to ask you to take the trouble this time!”

                Xion smiled slightly, “You are Mr. Wade’s friend, these are all my duties.”

                Saying that, Xion added, “Mr. Wade said that the matter of you and Mr. Flynn leaving the country must be kept absolutely confidential, so we can’t arrange for you to travel by plane, the ship is a long way away, so you still need to get used to it, I hope you don’t take offense.”

                “Understood!” Phoebe nodded hastily and said, “I’m already very grateful to Mr. Wade for being able to leave Aurous Hill!”

                Xion nodded and added, “I have just confirmed the voyage with the captain, our destination for this voyage is the port of Tartus in western Syria, for safety reasons, our cargo ship will not dock at any port until we reach the port of Tartus, we expect to arrive in Singapore in five days, and arrive at the Suez Canal in about eighteen days, counting the time spent queuing up to cross the canal. In about twenty days we will arrive at the port of Tartus.”